Pirastro Wondertone Solo Strings

May 15, 2009 at 06:24 AM ·

Hello! Recently I've been thinking of the various Pirastro strings and I stumbled across a particular Pirastro set. I've tried searching for information on Pirastro's Wondertone Solo Strings, but most I found were either too fleeting or regarded the Pirastro Gold Label Wondertone E.

Is there anyone with experience on how Wondertone Solo strings are? I read somewhere that it was a "compromise" of Evah Pirazzis and Obligatos. What does everyone think?

Thank you in advance!

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May 15, 2009 at 11:43 AM ·


I have tried these strings, and I don't find them to be a compromise between the Pirazzi and Obligato.  They are a clear string, that react like the new-core types.  The sound is somewhat less brilliant than the Pirazzi but not as dark as the Obligato.  The closest string to compare to are the current version of the Corelli Alliance, at least in my experience.  In terms of playing feel/style, they are closer to the Pirazzi than the Obligato.  If you have a violin needing focus, but that is too brilliant to handle Pirazzi, these strings may be a good option to try.

The Wondertone Solo E is very nice - silvery, clear and pure - and though not my favourite, it would seem like a good option for someone looking for something resembling a gold-plated E but in steel.


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