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Disney's Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra...

DVD reviews: This program aired annually from about 1991-1999. Does anyone know where I could purchase a copy of this program?

From Paul Grant
Posted April 9, 2009 at 03:35 PM

As my title states, I was wondering about how I can go about purchasing copies of what used to be called the "Disney's Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra?" I know that this program aired annually during the summer from about 1991 up until it's final year in 1999. In the past I have tried googling information as to how I could obtain copies but I never was able to find anything. I remember being bummed as a kid when I found out that the would stop airing this program. I still think it's a shame that they still do no continue to air this program in order to further inspire children. This program was such a huge inspiration to me as a child growing up. To be able to see young children be able to perform as well as professionals intrigued me as a kid. It showed me that there were no limits as to what children could do. After watching those concerts I would be inspired to practice and one day play as well as the children I was watching.  Years later, I have now graduated and am work as a free lance musician as well as a music teacher in the schools. I would love to own copies of these programs so I could show them to my students and further inspire musically as I was. I'd greatly appreciate any information any one could give me.

Oh and as a side note. I DID try checking out the disney.com website with no luck. It's suchs a popular site and it is hard to fine "contact/help" information where you can directly e-mail an employee. I did send an e-mail but I'm sure they get thousdands a day so I doubt my e-mail will do much.

Many thanks,
Paul Grant

From Terri Bora
Posted on April 10, 2009 at 09:07 PM

No answers for you, but I just wanted to agree about how Inspirational this orchestra was. My daughter saw this at two years of age  in 1998 and fell in love with the violin after seeing Vanessa Mae guest starring on that show. She began studying the instrument a year later and hasn't stopped.  It's too bad they discontinued it . I actualy have that episode on VHS, but no others.

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