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Spiegel Im Spiegel
Repertoire: Tips for playing Arvo Part's deceptively simple piece?
From Sue Donim 6 replies - Last 2004-10-11 01:43

All Classical Music Sounds the Same?
: it drives me wild if i cant show someone the beauty of classical music even if i try...*frustrated* help come back to sanity
From D Kurganov 51 replies - Last 2004-10-11 01:30

Bowstraight con?
Instruments: I must say, for £7.50 per unit, I'm wondering if the makers racked their brains for a week to come up with as many outlandish/useless ways to strap a bit of foam to your hand, simply to justify the price.
From Sue Donim 7 replies - Last 2004-10-10 23:43

Concerto Suggestion
Competitions: I want to focus on one concerto to audition with this winter. Any suggestions? Just pour out your favorites..
From Henry Liao 19 replies - Last 2004-10-10 22:21

Order of Difficulty
Repertoire: What is the conventional "order" of repertoire for violinists?
From Henry Liao 5 replies - Last 2004-10-10 21:11

What is Sylvia Rosenberg like as a teacher?
Schools, Teachers and Camps:
From Narcissa Li 7 replies - Last 2004-10-10 15:38

Repertoire: Is there any composer among you? Can you tell me how much knowledge of theory is required(suppose grade5 or grade8 of ABRSM)to compose a violin sonata or a string quartret?
From Pitarun Mukherjee 41 replies - Last 2004-10-10 12:18

Recital Coming Soon, Please Help!
Performing: I have never had to memorize a piece on the violin, and I am nervous. Does anyone have any memorization techniques they can share?
From Patricia Morris 23 replies - Last 2004-10-10 03:25

David Yonan
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: has anyone heard this young violinist? www.davidyonan.com
From David Heitner 1 reply - Last 2004-10-10 00:18

Double Stops and Chords
Technique and Practicing: Need to make it sound like a violin, not a goose call. Help!
From Emily Grossman 17 replies - Last 2004-10-9 22:15

Borodin String Quartet No. 2 in D MAjor
Repertoire: Anyone has the sheet music that could share it with me?
From Peter Ferreira 1 reply - Last 2004-10-9 17:37

Canadian Composers?
From Alexandra C 5 replies - Last 2004-10-9 13:58

Guess who's finally coming to dvd?
DVD reviews: Heifetz in performance will finally be available in the dvd format.
From Joel Arthur 7 replies - Last 2004-10-9 11:55

New Thomastik Titanium strings
Instruments: Will my new Titanium strings wear in well?
From Annie S 3 replies - Last 2004-10-8 23:40

What do you get when you mix vibrato and trills? AHHH.
Technique and Practicing: Does anyone else have the problem with trills...in the sense that the whole hand moves in a kind of vibrato movement with the fingers instead of them working as independant units?
From jennifer steinfeldt warren 14 replies - Last 2004-10-8 20:38

Britten Concerto
Repertoire: I am wondering, why do you think a work of such magnitude and genius has been so completely ignored up until the last decade?
From Violin T 9 replies - Last 2004-10-8 09:26

Most Powerful A String
Instruments: I want a super duper powerful A-string. What do you all recommend?
From Chris Coritsidis 6 replies - Last 2004-10-7 23:10

Comparison of Thomastik Vision and Pirastro Violino strings
Instruments: Which of these strings are nicer and better in the sound's warmth and general playability feeling?
From Mateusz Papiernik 3 replies - Last 2004-10-7 20:37

Exam Nerves
Performing: My bow arm was like a creature possessed -- what to do?
From viola cadenza 12 replies - Last 2004-10-7 19:36

Any modern work you recommend?
Repertoire: I am particularly keen on simultenious ascending and descending glissandos and harmonized glissandos. Something with complex orchestrations with interplay between the instruments. Any ideas?
From Andreas Lantz 2 replies - Last 2004-10-7 18:49

pain in fingers and wrist
Health: About three years ago, my fingers, especially the area from my pinky down to my wrist, started to hurt a bit when I practiced for long periods of time. Now it happens much more. Anything I can do to help it?
From Amy Kuo 12 replies - Last 2004-10-7 07:40

which 1 is harder?
Repertoire: introduction harder than havanais?
From boyd x 2 replies - Last 2004-10-7 00:06

Repertoire: I'm only in Suzuki book 2, but I'm wondering what level (beginning, intermediate, advanced, whatever) someone has to be to study the Kreutzer etudes.
From sara a. m. 10 replies - Last 2004-10-7 00:02

Orchestra audition
Competitions: I have an audition coming up in a couple days and could use some help... I have never done a professional orchestral audition before, so I am somewhat nervous, and there is nobody here to play for..
From Carla Leurs 8 replies - Last 2004-10-6 23:58

to prevent future damage....
Health: i was just wondering what are some finger stretching exercises and such that you people do in order to avoid injury.
From Daniel Aum 5 replies - Last 2004-10-6 22:09

Do I have a good violin?
Instruments: I recently bought a Cremona SV-175 student violin. It has an ebony fingerboard and chinrest. It also came with a genuine bleached horsehair bow. Do you feel that this is a good violin?
From Amanda Kyker 4 replies - Last 2004-10-6 19:42

Returning after five month lay off
Life in general: I basically have not practiced (of any significance)for 5 months. What are you suggestions for getting back into the practicing regiment and where should I begin. I have 4 1/2 years prior to my lay off.
From Greg Socket 3 replies - Last 2004-10-6 19:15

Elizabeth Schwarzkopf
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: It is a most wonderful collection of the very lovliest of what the human voice is capable. Isn't this precisely why we love the violin? Because it emulates the human voice so beautifully!
From David Lillis 9 replies - Last 2004-10-6 12:05

Shopping sheetmusic online
Repertoire: Which company is reliable and whoose service is good for buying sheet music and CD-sheet music in your opinion?
From Pitarun Mukherjee 3 replies - Last 2004-10-6 10:55

looking for a teacher in Japan
Schools, Teachers and Camps: Looking for a teacher near Nagoya.
From Hyeonjae Kim 4 replies - Last 2004-10-6 06:42

tips for a good spiccato
Technique and Practicing: I am playing a piece called The Rain and it is to improve the spiccato, If you have any suggestion in doing the spiccato please tell me
From keren Ocasio 1 reply - Last 2004-10-6 02:19

Strings to add depth?
Instruments: I've been using Dominant strings and a Pirastro gold label e for a while now. But my new violin lacks some depth so I was wondering which strings might be able to add more depth.
From David Lee 21 replies - Last 2004-10-5 22:19

New virtuoso pieces for performance
Repertoire: I am a violinist in the L. A. area who is working on some new pieces for violin--interesting but accessible and designed as real virtuoso showpieces.
From Jonathan Hinckley 9 replies - Last 2004-10-5 17:06

Best Etudes For Technique
Repertoire: I was wondering if anyone had reccomendations as to which etudes are the best for overall technique improvement.
From rachel gleicher 12 replies - Last 2004-10-5 15:35

Henry Roth
Life in general: I enjoy Henry Roth's book on the great virtuosos. Generally, I agree with his analysis of the playing of the top players, though sometimes he can be quite extreme.
From David Lillis 16 replies - Last 2004-10-5 13:40

minidisc recorder?!
Life in general: I need to get a minidisc recorder--Jennifer, what kind did you get? what kinds are good? Anyone? How do you get from a minidisc to a cd or onto your pc?
From Nick Bleisch 6 replies - Last 2004-10-5 08:58

Nikolaj Znaider - Bravo!
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: Got a CD in the bargain bin and wow! It's really good! What do you know of this violinist?
From Enosh Kofler 10 replies - Last 2004-10-4 23:51

What pieces represent death?
Repertoire: Not to be morbid, but let's talk about death music!
From Hilda Flores 44 replies - Last 2004-10-4 20:38

The battle of teachers vs. students
Schools, Teachers and Camps: The pressure to practice seems way over-the-top! Help!
From Ryan Beauchamp 16 replies - Last 2004-10-4 19:14

a question about proper vibrato
Technique and Practicing: does a proper vibrato has to be a straight (slanting) line from the hand to the elbow..or is it also correct for the wrist to be slightly 'bended'..it's hard to keep em straight when i'm using the third finger..
From dyan masigon 2 replies - Last 2004-10-4 17:57

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