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Tailgut on Modern(ed) Instrument
Instruments: Tailgut?
From Teruyoshi Shirata 8 replies - Last 2004-9-24 14:10

7/8 violin
Instruments: Insert Lead Herhi, does anyone know where to get a nice 7/8 italian violin? which makers are good?..looking for around $30, 000 range. thankse
From soona cho 2 replies - Last 2004-9-24 07:23

Appraisers in Chicagoland
Instruments: Anyone know of a fast, accurate appraiser in the Chicagoland area?
From John F 0 replies - Last 2004-9-23 22:07

about loop string
Instruments: I wonder why they never make a loop a/d/g. How do you think a loop e better than a ball e ( in terms of the sonority, tonal colour or the ease of playing ) ?
From Albert Wong 2 replies - Last 2004-9-23 21:55

Violin bow for beginner
Instruments: What are some good options?
From Mateusz Papiernik 7 replies - Last 2004-9-23 11:50

Wanted: Modern Maker - Solo Quality
Instruments: I have short-listed violins from the following four makers: Gregg Alf, Joseph Curtin, Moes & Moes and Terry Michael Borman. Also, does anyone have experience with either: Sergio Peresson or Horacio Piniero violins.
From kevin fong 18 replies - Last 2004-9-21 19:56

Strings and Pieces
Instruments: Currently playing on Larsen Medium Strings; would like to find something with a more "classical" sound.
From Bert de Vree 17 replies - Last 2004-9-20 10:34

Modern Bows and Bowmakers?
Instruments: With the huge rise in popularity of modern instruments, I was wondering what the advantages of getting a modern bow are. Who are the leading bow makers and about how much do their bows cost?
From David Lee 16 replies - Last 2004-9-19 22:54

Which rosin - Kaplan, Kolstein?
Instruments: I read that Kolstein rosin is really good in "mellowing" sound, but maybe there is something better than Kolstein?
From Mateusz Papiernik 0 replies - Last 2004-9-19 12:01

Buying a Violin in Italy
Instruments: In shop after shop, we were told that the country of origin determines a violin's price primarily.
From Sulagna maitra 7 replies - Last 2004-9-19 07:19

question about playing electric violin
Instruments: Will the "feel" of the electric violin change how i play the acoustic one? I guess i am really concerned about undoing what i have learned on the acoustic violin by playing an electric one.
From david rojas 18 replies - Last 2004-9-13 20:10

Buying a violin
Instruments: Looking for one in Portugal.
From Luis Pedroso 2 replies - Last 2004-9-13 01:54

Taking off the Shoulder Rest
Instruments: Another violinist has a Come-To-Jesus moment and throws away her shoulder rest.
From Emily Grossman 17 replies - Last 2004-9-13 01:22

Re-graduating a violin (top)
Instruments: I’m wondering if the process is still cost-effective. I have a few 80-100 year old German violins which have so-so sound and I am intrigued by the prospect of improving them if it can be done for a reasonable price.
From Mike Harris 11 replies - Last 2004-9-12 08:10

Violin/Viola Loan Foundations
Instruments: I currently have one on loan to me from a violin maker, but since he's requesting it back in a week I'm looking for foundations that give instrument loans to students and professionals.
From Rachel Massey 1 reply - Last 2004-9-11 10:14

Suitable fabric to cover a sponge shoulder rest?
Instruments: Can anyone recommend fabric to cover a sponge shoulder rest that won't damage the violin/viola finish? I don't want to damage the school's instruments.
From Anne Fleischman 2 replies - Last 2004-9-9 13:51

Hans Schirmer violin
Instruments: I recently purchased a violin made by Hans Schirmer (sp?) of Adorf, Germany. It is estimated to be about 75 years old, but there is no definite date marked. Has anyone heard of this maker?
From Mike McNamee 0 replies - Last 2004-9-8 17:54

Enrico Robella Instruments
Instruments: Insert Lead HereHas anyone ever heard of Enrico Robella? I have a violin from Milano, 1930 and I would like to know more.
From Lauren N/a 1 reply - Last 2004-9-7 01:14

electric violins
Instruments: I'd love to foster a discussion on various effects units, e.violin makes and models, influences, and other artists.
From Ross Christopher 3 replies - Last 2004-9-6 23:25

Enrico Marchetti violin
Instruments: Anyone have a violin of his or has played one and what did you think of it? Also any other knowledge about the builder is welcome.
From Enosh Kofler 8 replies - Last 2004-9-5 10:57

Central chin rest
Instruments: Have looked on the net with no success, but I know I've seen one somewhere before - I'm sure they exist. Does anyone have any suggestions?
From Sue Donim 9 replies - Last 2004-9-3 09:51

Manchester violin shopping, £1000 budget
Instruments: Basically I need a new instrument, and would love an old violin - having had enough of the horrible Stentor sound, although I am quite attached to it and wouldn't get rid.
From Nathan Gregory 0 replies - Last 2004-9-2 22:30

The SUPER real strads.. a list anyone?
Instruments: my friend and i are trying to find the name of the Strad that has been only played like once. It is supposed to be one of the most valuable strads out there.
From erin dupree 14 replies - Last 2004-9-1 01:56

Violin Bows - how to distinguish quality pernambuco
Instruments: My wife likes the bow--which is the most important factor--but I'd really like to know if the pores and knot are indicators of lesser quality pernambuco.
From John B 0 replies - Last 2004-8-31 13:35

Body Heat affects the old varnish?
Instruments: Would body heat cause any damage to those modern italian varnish from 1930s?
From Carl Woodman 3 replies - Last 2004-8-30 10:25

Repaired bows' loss of value
Instruments: I just went to a dealer who has a French bow by Victor Fetique for a third of the retail price because of its repaired head, and I am wondering if this is reasonable (all parts are original).
From Lambert Chen 0 replies - Last 2004-8-28 20:57

Violin Repair Shop?
Instruments: Could anyone recommend a repair shop in the St. Louis or Chicago area. I have a Klotz violin that was dropped and needs to have the neck reset.
From Paula Surface 8 replies - Last 2004-8-27 16:53

Violins around $100,000 US
Instruments: I have a friend who recently decided to attend a conservatory and is looking for a violin in the range of $100,000. If you could give me some names I'd really appreciate it, I'm going blank! :D
From Chris Coritsidis 10 replies - Last 2004-8-27 13:59

Goldbrokat or Golden Spiral?
Instruments: I am now using the Goldbrokat E and would like to know how the Kaplan Golden Spiral sounds compares with the Goldbroakt, and which one you would choose to use as your E string.
From Allen Liang 7 replies - Last 2004-8-26 22:08

Strad Pad
Instruments: I am thinking of buying this and I wanted to hear your opinions and experience with it.
From Gon Zo 6 replies - Last 2004-8-26 18:49

Rosin life and Violin Polish
Instruments: Does anyone know how long Rosin remains fresh and useable? Does is get old and need replaced?
From Tim C 5 replies - Last 2004-8-25 19:09

My Secondhand Shop Find
Instruments: Looking for thoughts on how much to invest in repairing it and how to go about doing so.
From Cindy Drechsler 3 replies - Last 2004-8-25 10:10

Bobelock Case question
Instruments: Does anyone know of this case and how good it is compared to others?
From Bill Joerissen 2 replies - Last 2004-8-24 22:27

Tilted bridge.
Instruments: Should I just leave it or take it to my luthier?
From Allen Liang 5 replies - Last 2004-8-24 20:35

Bow Makers
Instruments: Do octagonal bows bounce better?
From Chris Hong 7 replies - Last 2004-8-24 19:48

Instruments: Is my violin is a hypochondriac, or is it O.K.?
From jennifer steinfeldt warren 1 reply - Last 2004-8-24 13:35

Violin info
Instruments: Canadian Violin Co., Anyone know about these violins? Trying to sell.
From Gin Grieb 0 replies - Last 2004-8-24 13:32

Need a New Bow
Instruments: Without being able to try one out, what makers/models are good enough for an intermediate player and affordable for real people? Not looking for carbon or other artificial materials.
From J Schlosser 7 replies - Last 2004-8-24 09:52

Buying a bow
Instruments: I am going to be buying a bow in the Houston area and was just wondering what the whole process is like. I don't know why, but the whole thing makes me very nervous, probably because I'm going to spend a good bit of money.
From LEE KELLY 5 replies - Last 2004-8-23 08:19

Question about fingerboard
Instruments: The fingerboard on my violin is loosing the black color, mostly on my fingers when I practice. The violin is about 5 to 6 years old and of fair quality for an amateur. Does the finger board need replaced or ?
From Sue Barreiro 18 replies - Last 2004-8-22 00:05

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