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High x Low Elbow
Instruments: Same thoughts, opposite aproaches, same result?
From Bruno Lunkes 6 replies - Last 2015-7-7 03:59

A short bow balance question.
Technique and Practicing: An unusual instruction from my first teacher about bow position.
From Darlene Roth 7 replies - Last 2015-7-7 03:52

The conductor is always right?
Life in general: A discussion of Pythagorean vs. equal temperament tuning. I don't understand this much, but something happened that was very strange and I'd like to understand this topic better!
From Katherine Li 41 replies - Last 2015-7-7 03:52

Cleaning the inside?
Instruments: We keep our violins clean on the outside for the most part, but what about the inside?
From Christopher Liao 24 replies - Last 2015-7-7 03:44

Uncomfortable finger pattern ( semitone between first and second finger ), wrist / finger positions
Technique and Practicing: Uncomfortable finger pattern, how to make it feel natural and avoid wrist / finger twists
From Arnaud Boeglin 9 replies - Last 2015-7-7 02:54

Accessories: Looking for an upgraded bow. My first time bow shopping. Chance to purchase a bow stamped C. Bazin but need to authenticate the bow, especially the frog and button.
From Christopher Rose 5 replies - Last 2015-7-7 01:52

Synthetic A that blends well with gut?
Instruments: Can't find much on this topic; sorry for another string article.
From Christopher Liao 12 replies - Last 2015-7-6 23:59

Left-Hand Position: Never Feels Quite Right
Technique and Practicing: I'm wondering if there are ideas, resources and/or teachers who can help me deal with a nagging issue in my playing: my Left Hand position, and its effect on how my fingers engage the string/fingerboard
From Matthias Collette 10 replies - Last 2015-7-6 23:29

Carl Flesch:The Art of Violin Playing
Life in general: Have heard so much about this book.Just want to discuss about it.How this book helped you?
From Pitarun Mukherjee 17 replies - Last 2015-7-6 23:08

How to get accepted in my first symphony
Life in general: how to get into a symphony
From Zack Blake 51 replies - Last 2015-7-6 22:06

best and most efficient method to practice/learn new repertoire
Instruments: how do you practice?
From Shawn Wenren 5 replies - Last 2015-7-6 16:33

How to Learn your Part
Life in general: Best place to find audio files of music you're trying to learn
From Zack Blake 5 replies - Last 2015-7-6 14:35

William (Do) Tell Overture...
Technique and Practicing: ...how one would practice the ricochet bowings of the main theme.
From Suebin Park 0 replies - Last 2015-7-6 14:23

Broken Ivory Tip--Advice?
Instruments: Broken Ivory
From Chelsea Pierce 17 replies - Last 2015-7-6 08:57

Should I just concentrate on fiddle?
Instruments: I take lessons in folk but also baroque & early music. Would it help me more if I simply worked on my beloved fiddle tunes & technique?
From Mollie McCabe 9 replies - Last 2015-7-6 01:07

Researching little known American luthier
Instruments: How do you find information on someone missing from Wenberg?
From John Bock 2 replies - Last 2015-7-5 22:49

Does Readiness Matter?
Teaching and Pedagogy: This surprise followed two school years of 5-minutes/twice weekly Gordon, oral pattern echoing included in violin class.
From Helen Martin 2 replies - Last 2015-7-5 16:47

Starting your own orchestra
Orchestra: How! I'm in need of advice.
From Blake Newman 14 replies - Last 2015-7-5 16:28

Open string or fourth finger?
Technique and Practicing: This submission wishes to discuss whether open strings or the fourth finger should be used when not explicitly written in sheet music.
From Haakan Johansson 7 replies - Last 2015-7-5 16:23

Is it possible to play the Violin while laying down?
Life in general: Medical conditions have brought me bed-bound for life, and I wanted to look into recreational Violin, if at all possible.
From Tim cunningham 24 replies - Last 2015-7-5 16:21

What strings and parts to repair a 100+ year old violin?
Accessories: On a budget, I need to replace bridge, tailpiece and strings on an old violin. What considerations should I take and what brands should I choose?
From Amelia de la Motte 9 replies - Last 2015-7-5 16:14

My First Recital - Mozart, Martinu, Dvorak
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: Here's my recital video. I wanted to share where I'm at, and comments and advice is welcome.
From Christian Lesniak 17 replies - Last 2015-7-5 12:59

Orchestral Nightmares?
Life in general: Are there any orchestral pieces (particularly solos) which violinists would regard as a 'nightmare' to have to perform? Or which are particularly pleasing?
From Peter Williamson 9 replies - Last 2015-7-5 12:52

Sight reading tests
Technique and Practicing: How are sight reading tests adjudicated?
From David McLellan 3 replies - Last 2015-7-5 11:20

Wolf tone?
Instruments: Can violin have wolf tones, and if yes, what's the solution?
From Bernardo B 39 replies - Last 2015-7-5 08:01

Dvorak violin concerto
Repertoire: Which is your favourite recording?
From Adela Urcan 42 replies - Last 2015-7-4 23:46

Ladies - Is your hemline appropriate for the venue?
Life in general: When is your hemline too short for the stage and who is responsible for teaching that?
From Krista Moyer 47 replies - Last 2015-7-4 19:36

Trio for two violins and piano
Repertoire: What repertoire do you know of for this type of ensemble?
From Ruth Kuefler 16 replies - Last 2015-7-4 17:37

Dietrich Concerto in d minor?
Repertoire: Heard a wonderful concerto on the radio, asking for opinions about the work.
From Alfred Ingerson 5 replies - Last 2015-7-4 08:00

My E string is still a bit shrill and harsh.
Instruments: How do I make it sound as smooth as the other three strings ?
From Brian Kelly 15 replies - Last 2015-7-4 06:49

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