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Shakey bow hand
Health: A nervous bow hand and how to overcome it
From Craig Sauter 21 replies - Last 2015-7-28 21:39

How to Evaluate your Progress as a Beginner Adult Violinist?
Technique and Practicing: I need someone to guide me on how to evaluate myself and my progress, I have been playing for only 4 months.Thanks
From Marwa M. 12 replies - Last 2015-7-28 20:41

First Viola Advice
Viola: I'm looking for advice on getting my first instrument while not being a musician currently.
From Kelly Devlin 4 replies - Last 2015-7-28 18:53

The Glissando and early 20th C. performance practice
Teaching and Pedagogy: Perhaps the next frontier of performance practice is to research how to recreate the style and sound of the early 20th century violinists, particularly in the use of left hand articulation.
From Bruce Berg 1 reply - Last 2015-7-28 14:53

Left Fingertip Conditions
Life in general: Just a general thread regarding condition of the finger tips that touch the fingerboard(for many, left hand).
From Steven Lee 1 reply - Last 2015-7-28 14:33

Tempo for Wohlfahrt op. 45 no 6
Technique and Practicing: Can't imagine the noted tempo. Am I reading this correctly?
From David McLellan 7 replies - Last 2015-7-28 10:52

How do you practice sound and rhythm?
Technique and Practicing: Do you use the 1/3 split. What is a good routine for advancing toward intermediate?
From David McLellan 4 replies - Last 2015-7-28 08:58

Installing a Sound Post
Accessories: Here is a fairly simple way to install a soundpost yourself.
From Charles Cozic 29 replies - Last 2015-7-28 07:28

Violin bows from Shanghai
Instruments: It's well known that there are terrific fiddles coming out of Chinese workshops. After an amazingly good experience buying a violin, I wondered: what about bows?
From Thomas Boyer 12 replies - Last 2015-7-28 05:33

Artists in They Way They Play
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: Lists of artists in each volume?
From Allen Liang 7 replies - Last 2015-7-28 04:33

Why are professional recordings recorded at a different pitch?
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: Just curious about sound and tuning in general
From Shawn Wenren 21 replies - Last 2015-7-27 19:05

Where do you put your case?
Instruments: Curious to see where people have their case at home.
From Allen Liang 23 replies - Last 2015-7-27 18:48

listening to beethoven violin concerto
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: what am I missing out on?
From Shawn Wenren 45 replies - Last 2015-7-27 15:58

Impulse vibrato...
Technique and Practicing: Discussing this type of vibrato vs the more common ones and the pros/cons.
From A. O. 21 replies - Last 2015-7-27 10:05

Top 10 Violin Left Hand Mistakes
Technique and Practicing: My list of most common mistakes encountered with the Left Hand.
From Eddy Chen 7 replies - Last 2015-7-27 03:58

In search of the lost Menuhin Shoulder rests..
Accessories: Did you know the vintage Menuhin Shoulder rest came in 4 different flavours? Me neither..time to search Ebay.
From Chris Koh 6 replies - Last 2015-7-26 20:04

How can I improve my bowing technique?
Technique and Practicing: Looking for advice on correcting a wayward bowing technique and 'whooshing' sound
From Emma Hacking 69 replies - Last 2015-7-26 16:54

Melos vs Baker's rosin
Instruments: Which one do you like more?
From Allen Liang 17 replies - Last 2015-7-26 06:33

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