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The Strad market and the Carpenter family
Fascinating New Yorker article about the wild Strad market and the Carpenter family
From Laurie Niles 0 replies - Last 2014-7-23 06:12

For Sale/Commercial Notices

Alexander Accessories Guarnerius chinrest for sale
Hand-made boxwood guarnerius chinrest made by Alexander Accessories for sale
From Hidde Bekkers 1 reply - Last 2014-7-23 06:02

Older German Strad copy, Old-world seasoned tone
Prefer local sale on this one... come check it out!
From Evan Garey 0 replies - Last 2014-7-22 08:44

Gordge Double Violin Case
In very good condition
From Boyd L. 0 replies - Last 2014-7-21 21:05

More instruments for sale and other commercial notices from Violinist.com readers

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Sponge/foam shoulder rest
Instruments: I noticed that some musician use other sponge looking object instead of the shoulder rest.
From Alex Jeoung 2 replies - Last 2014-7-23 07:57

Uneven distributed holes in the tailpiece
Instruments: If the holes in the tailpiece are placed in one line but with uneven distances, could it affect the sound, should it be changed?
From Taher Ahmadi 1 reply - Last 2014-7-23 07:22

Karneol Viola Strings
Accessories: Anyone tried them?
From KJ Young 8 replies - Last 2014-7-23 06:47

Brave Chin Rest Theory
Accessories: Why are there so many debates about chin rests?
From Darlene Roth 34 replies - Last 2014-7-23 05:03

A string, steel or synthetic?
Instruments: Need some info.
From Will Zhou 2 replies - Last 2014-7-23 00:51

Viola Unresponsive G string HELP!!!
Viola: String action far too high nad was wondering if that may be the root of the issue?
From Nick Allen 2 replies - Last 2014-7-22 22:35

Peter Zaret's patented tonal enhancement bass bar?
Viola: Do you have any experience/ thoughts about Peter Zaret's patented bass bar for violas?
From Sharon Reagan 32 replies - Last 2014-7-22 17:42

LIVE(arch) VIDEO: Ray Chen/Julien Quentin Play Mozart,Sarasate,Beethoven Thurs.July 24, 5am Eastern,11h Central European, 5pm Beijing
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: This show WILL BE archived if you miss it. Note the great start times for Asia! 5pm Beijing, 6pm Tokyo, 7pm Sydney, 9pm NZ.
From Delmar Williams 0 replies - Last 2014-7-22 14:31

Vivaldi, Bach and Handel in China
Instruments: I would like to know if the Chinese, here or abroad, have fully accepted the great masterpieces of Vivaldi, Bach, and Handel.
From charles harman 25 replies - Last 2014-7-22 13:01

Beethoven Violin Concerto and Brahms Concerto
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: Why does it take repeated listenings to warm up to these.
From mike davis 23 replies - Last 2014-7-22 10:59

My Favorite violists today
Viola: Who are your favorite contemporary violist?
From charles harman 23 replies - Last 2014-7-22 10:02

How loose is too loose?
Instruments: Should I attempt to add glue to the neck mortise?
From Evan Garey 18 replies - Last 2014-7-22 08:43

Kato Havas
Teaching and Pedagogy: Wanting input as to the value or disadvantages of the ideas discussed in Havas book
From Peter Lynch 24 replies - Last 2014-7-22 05:05

Help Buying $20,000 Violin and Arcus Cadenza Violin Bow?
Instruments: Your opinion on the best $20,000 violin and if the Arcus Cadenza Violin Bow is actually a top notch bow or garbage.
From John Derry 17 replies - Last 2014-7-21 23:22

Looking to replace my VSO
Commercial notices: Started studying a year ago with a VSO. Now it's time for an update that will sound better and last longer.
From Alejandro Mallea 15 replies - Last 2014-7-21 23:01

Hiro Kurosaki's Recording of the Handel Sonatas
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: Here is a really good recording of some great, but often neglected, music:
From Timothy Judd 0 replies - Last 2014-7-21 10:29

Music like 'The Goat Rodeo' or 'Appalachian Waltz'?
Repertoire: Looking for selections similar in style to the unique material on Yo Yo Ma's Americana albums.
From Bessie Smith 1 reply - Last 2014-7-21 09:09

Resources for planning practice-time duration
Technique and Practicing: Looking for some resources regarding practice-time duration...
From AJ Marini 1 reply - Last 2014-7-21 08:56

The G is not biting, Help???
Instruments: seriously, it's killing me.
From Skylar Nguyen 16 replies - Last 2014-7-21 05:55

Carmen Fantasy for Dummies??
Repertoire: Has anyone heard of a "Carmen Fantasy" arrangement for elementary level?
From Margaret Mehl 9 replies - Last 2014-7-21 04:13

Questions about Competitions
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: I'm hoping to compete in my first Concerto Competition this fall, and I have a couple general questions.
From Emma Otto 11 replies - Last 2014-7-20 20:36

Help. Repurposing my SRs...
Life in general: Any ideas what to do with a pile of cute little platforms with adjustable legs?
From elise stanley 34 replies - Last 2014-7-20 18:37

Practice mutes in apartment buildings
Accessories: I am looking for the best practice mute so I can play in my apartment complex and not disturb my neighbors.
From Matthew Lauritsen 9 replies - Last 2014-7-20 16:05

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