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Can we scheme for better intonation?
Technique and Practicing: Playing intentionally sharp might have benefits?
From Darlene Roth 64 replies - Last 2014-9-21 16:48

What Violin do you Need?
Instruments: What violin do you need for Curtis, Juilliard?
From John Derry 5 replies - Last 2014-9-21 16:17

Vision titanium solo Vs Evah P violin strings.
Instruments: Is it worth changing new Evahs for Vision titanium solo strings?
From kypros christoudoulides 1 reply - Last 2014-9-21 15:40

Anybody likes to recommend a Good violin concerto by Mozart K216 in CD and/or DVD format?
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: Hi, I am looking for a good violin concerto by present or late violinist. I have been listening to Mutter's K216 and I need to listen more, any recommendations out there? Thanks !!!
From Carl Woodman 25 replies - Last 2014-9-21 13:47

Accessories: Good thermal protective violin case needed by an "older" violinst returning to the fold after a 35 year absence.
From Colleen Evans 13 replies - Last 2014-9-21 13:34

Is there a new direction re String Teaching?
Teaching and Pedagogy: I believe that in the Twentieth Century our focus began to shift towards understanding how children learn rather than seeking the secrets of renowned educators. Does this apply to string teaching?
From Helen Martin 31 replies - Last 2014-9-21 11:06

Mysteries of the sound post
Instruments: Do sound posts need to be re-positioned yearly? How does one find the optimum spot for its location? Once it is moved, can the violin's original sound ever be returned to?
From Mark Woodman 46 replies - Last 2014-9-21 08:58

Making little to no sound when I bow
Technique and Practicing: I’m having difficulties getting the bow to make a sound when I’m playing with my orchestra
From Amanda Bartoszek 31 replies - Last 2014-9-21 07:17

Design differences between Strad & other violin patterns.
Instruments: What's the difference?
From Aldon Sanders 25 replies - Last 2014-9-21 06:07

Good way to lead sectionals?
Technique and Practicing: Help with unifying a section?
From Marie L 4 replies - Last 2014-9-21 05:01

New Introduction & Tarantella for Violin and Piano
Repertoire: The premiere performance of Introduction & Tarantella will be given at Weill Recital Hall on Friday, April 25th 2014.
From Nigel Keay 2 replies - Last 2014-9-20 21:39

Open Letter from Robert Spano and Donald Runnicles to the board, management and musicians of the Atlanta Symphony
News: Please take a few minutes to read this very important letter from Donald Runnicles Principal Guest Conductor and Robert Spano Music Director of the whole ASO to the whole Atlanta Symphony family.
From Delmar Williams 13 replies - Last 2014-9-20 16:45

Franco Gulli's Mozart Cadenzas
Repertoire: Where can I find the sheet music?
From Brian Hong 1 reply - Last 2014-9-20 16:02

Looking for violin pieces for my senior recital
Repertoire: Looking for a good violin work for my senior recital next spring.
From Meredith Riddle 17 replies - Last 2014-9-20 14:24

Mitsuaki Sasano archetier
Instruments: Where to see him or try his bows?
From Stephen Symchych 2 replies - Last 2014-9-20 12:24

Romantic style of playing
Technique and Practicing: Violinist wants to know the Romantic playing style
From Angga Putra 5 replies - Last 2014-9-20 08:32

Tour basic accesories
Accessories: What to take with me in the tour?
From Charis Maimaris 2 replies - Last 2014-9-19 11:00

free ebook: 20th century violin concertante
Repertoire: Get a free copy of my ebook about the compositions for violin concertante of the 20th century!
From Tobias Broeker 2 replies - Last 2014-9-19 07:04

Playing minor key signatures
Technique and Practicing: Beginner wants to know minor keys
From Angga Putra 3 replies - Last 2014-9-19 00:32

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