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Carpal Tunnel in Left Wrist
Health: I've developed carpal tunnel in left wrist due to former hyperextension.
From Charon Becker 5 replies - Last 2014-7-30 10:05

How big is a fingerboard
Life in general: Why should I be limited to imaginary boundaries when the next note I need is a stretch in the position but lays within a half tone in the other way?
From Darlene Roth 16 replies - Last 2014-7-30 09:37

My Future with the Violin
Life in general: I am about to go to college and I do not want to give up the violin.
From Chris Guyon 4 replies - Last 2014-7-30 08:42

yita music
Instruments: any one know about yita music violins ?what are your oppinions
From daniel houck 80 replies - Last 2014-7-30 08:31

A Mark Womack violin
Instruments: Needing advice on a Mark Womack violin.
From Gail Rodecker 1 reply - Last 2014-7-30 08:09

Old chin rest needs identified + neck irritation
Accessories: I require help identifying an old chin rest I found and help suggesting why it is causing irritation. Also some suggestions of other chin rest models would be appreciated.
From Jennifer Cleland 6 replies - Last 2014-7-30 07:53

The Strad market and the Carpenter family
News: Fascinating New Yorker article about the wild Strad market and the Carpenter family
From Laurie Niles 22 replies - Last 2014-7-30 07:46

Rosin questions
Accessories: I am looking for a rosin that gives clarity and definition and works well in a hot, humid climate.
From Katisha Lindee 11 replies - Last 2014-7-30 07:42

Can I Handle The Zigeunerweisen By Sarasate?
Repertoire: Hi, I was just wondering if I could handle the Zigeunerweisen.
From Kevin Chen 6 replies - Last 2014-7-30 07:00

Stradivari violins; not what they appear.
Instruments: Stradivari instruments that have been modified over the centuries.
From Nick Allen 7 replies - Last 2014-7-30 06:52

Cadenzas for Haydn G Major
Repertoire: Looking for cadenzas other than Kuechler, Hadelich, or Schwarenka.
From Paul Deck 2 replies - Last 2014-7-30 06:43

help - Sam Franko cadenza Mozart Vln Con. #5
Technique and Practicing: I need help with a few measures in the cadenza...
From Cori Belliveau 8 replies - Last 2014-7-30 06:42

Peter Zaret's patented tonal enhancement bass bar?
Viola: Do you have any experience/ thoughts about Peter Zaret's patented bass bar for violas?
From Sharon Reagan 40 replies - Last 2014-7-30 03:07

My Favorite violists today
Viola: Who are your favorite contemporary violist?
From charles harman 34 replies - Last 2014-7-29 20:39

Teach a beginner using higher positions rather than first?
Teaching and Pedagogy: Could it be beneficial to establish a healthy, relaxed hand position higher up the finger board and then work down to first?
From Sean Laibinis 14 replies - Last 2014-7-29 09:10

Bow Smarts
Technique and Practicing: Which end of the bow is good for what?
From Darlene Roth 19 replies - Last 2014-7-28 20:01

Help needed identifying chin rest
Accessories: Headline says it all
From A. O. 2 replies - Last 2014-7-28 16:30

Viola Unresponsive G string HELP!!!
Viola: String action far too high nad was wondering if that may be the root of the issue?
From Nick Allen 4 replies - Last 2014-7-28 13:36

Brave Chin Rest Theory
Accessories: Why are there so many debates about chin rests?
From Darlene Roth 42 replies - Last 2014-7-28 12:59

Practice or Native Talent?
Instruments: NYT article reports on new study that strongly suggests 'talent' is more important than 'practice,' upsetting 21 years of assurance in practice being most important...so...?
From marjory lange 32 replies - Last 2014-7-28 12:10

Alexander Accessories Guarnerius chinrest for sale
Commercial notices: Hand-made boxwood guarnerius chinrest made by Alexander Accessories for sale
From Hidde Bekkers 1 reply - Last 2014-7-28 08:02

First King David recordings
Instruments: Warsow, 1935
From carlos majlis 2 replies - Last 2014-7-28 06:55

Does the neck affect the sound of violin?
Instruments: What effect does the neck have on the sound of a violin?
From Patrick Tinney 11 replies - Last 2014-7-28 04:02

2014 Capistrano International Chamber Music Festival
Schools, Teachers and Camps: The Capistrano International Chamber Music Festival in San Juan Capistrano, California, USA. August 3-9, 2014. Application information.
From Gene Wie 8 replies - Last 2014-7-28 01:45

Advanced Intermediate Repertoire
Repertoire: I am looking for literature with difficulty beyond Kabalevsky or Viotti concerto 23, but not as difficult as Dvorak or Sibelius.
From Bruce Berg 32 replies - Last 2014-7-27 21:04

Kato Havas
Teaching and Pedagogy: Wanting input as to the value or disadvantages of the ideas discussed in Havas book
From Peter Lynch 31 replies - Last 2014-7-27 14:53

Hora reghin or other violin making company?
Instruments: There are no luthiers or shops with violins, so I have to buy from the Internet.
From Angel Mastorakis 1 reply - Last 2014-7-27 13:46

A string, steel or synthetic?
Instruments: Need some info.
From Will Zhou 4 replies - Last 2014-7-27 11:53

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