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Adult students going to music school?
Schools, Teachers and Camps: Have you or anyone you know who is an adult student and eventually choose to go to music school for professional training?
From Qing Liu 29 replies - Last 2015-4-19 05:31

Wrist movement??
Technique and Practicing: I'm just a beginner so please excuse;my silly question. Anybody's help will be highly apperciated
From Domitilla Valladares 16 replies - Last 2015-4-19 03:58

Nervousness before the concert
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: Shaky hands, sweating, feeling scared.
From Maja Bsbs 10 replies - Last 2015-4-19 03:32

Boris Sverdlik chinrest for sale
Commercial notices: I am selling my beautiful Sverdlik chinrest
From Hidde Bekkers 1 reply - Last 2015-4-19 02:04

Boris Sverdlik chinrest for sale
Commercial notices: Handmade ergonomically designed chinrest made by Boris Sverdlik for sale
From Brian Lee 3 replies - Last 2015-4-19 02:03

Left handed pizzicato on paganini caprice no. 24
Technique and Practicing: Started playing violin again. Having trouble with passage with left handed pizzicato on caprice no. 24
From Shawn Wenren 13 replies - Last 2015-4-18 22:40

How did you get a sense of what playing different instruments is like?
Instruments: How did you get a sense of how different instruments are different? Is it bad etiquette to ask to try violins that you have no intention of buying?
From Mathew Schneider 9 replies - Last 2015-4-18 22:22

Strings for advanced player on a 1/4 size violin
Accessories: I need advise on strings for a 1/4 size violin played by an advanced player (9 year old girl). Her teachers wants her music to sound warm and give the best tone and power on this size of instrument.
From Yie Lee 9 replies - Last 2015-4-18 22:13

I discovered how helpful recording yourself is. Also, critique of my playing is welcome.
Technique and Practicing: Headline is the summary.
From Mathew Schneider 8 replies - Last 2015-4-18 21:11

Duos for violin and cello students?
Teaching and Pedagogy: Looking for suggested repertoire for my students.
From Trish Clair 6 replies - Last 2015-4-18 20:52

What is the most important variable in sound production?
Instruments: The question was raised on another thread: Is it the player? The violin? The bow?
From Mary Ellen Goree 76 replies - Last 2015-4-18 18:13

Ad Libitum 8va Passages in Canzonetta?
Repertoire: Concerto passages that are played up an octave?
From Paul Deck 11 replies - Last 2015-4-18 18:01

Maintaining old sheet music
Accessories: Survey of how you manage or maintain your older scores
From Kenneth Choo 4 replies - Last 2015-4-18 17:55

Wang Bows
Instruments: Looking for reviews or opinions
From russell Rogers 32 replies - Last 2015-4-18 15:31

'Neutral' Strings
Accessories: Alternatives to Dominants for a good violin
From Lydia Leong 16 replies - Last 2015-4-18 12:10

Fingerboard Dropping?!
Instruments: I feel a bit paranoid, but I'm afraid for my instrument. I got sick this past week and thought my violin sounded different due to 'sick ears' but I've suddenly noticed that my fingerboard seems noticeably lower!
From Robin Bird 8 replies - Last 2015-4-18 04:45

Am I rude?
Teaching and Pedagogy: Abrsm grade 5 equivalent is worthy to teach someone and called violin teacher?
From Timotius Gunawan 13 replies - Last 2015-4-17 20:58

Reality check wanted: The Non Conservatory Dilemma
Life in general: I'm not studying music, so I don't practice as much anymore. But now, practice is no longer a joy, but has become scary-a nagging reminder of what I used to create effortlessly, and now don't have the time or energy to achieve.
From Sarah Q 18 replies - Last 2015-4-17 17:53

Never trust a violin.
Instruments: Is ANYTHING predictable about a violin(s). There's a good lesson here but I'm not sure what it is !
From Darlene Roth 68 replies - Last 2015-4-17 17:51

William Primrose: Technique Is Memory
Technique and Practicing: Has anyone heard of / used this method or know anything else about it?
From Jami Kleinert 46 replies - Last 2015-4-17 07:37

Which is more important: a bow, or a violin?
Instruments: Considering upgrading from my Codabow NX to a new bow, but i need to split that money with a violin.
From Yestyn Griffith 4 replies - Last 2015-4-16 10:25

Rice Music Preparatory Program
Schools, Teachers and Camps: Need comments on applying for Rice Music program for young child
From Han Liu 7 replies - Last 2015-4-16 10:14

The Strad market and the Carpenter family
News: Fascinating New Yorker article about the wild Strad market and the Carpenter family
From Laurie Niles 63 replies - Last 2015-4-16 10:04

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