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Question on authenticity in interpretation
Technique and Practicing
11:29 AM2
Portamento in baroque
Technique and Practicing
11:26 AM15
Do you love practicing?
Technique and Practicing
11:08 AM18
Just a Question About Gut Strings Related to Technique
Technique and Practicing
10:44 AM7
what makes a violinist great?
Technique and Practicing
10:34 AM13
Scales by Simon Fischer
Teaching and Pedagogy
10:32 AM28
Masterclass interruptions.
Technique and Practicing
10:20 AM1
Tuning old violin not played for many years
10:11 AM4
Help with fiddling?
Technique and Practicing
8:31 AM0
Wood chinrest similar to a wittner side chinrest
6:54 AM6
Violin String Suggestions
6:12 AM14
Left hand thumb/Magical X/players with long fingers
Teaching and Pedagogy
5:44 AM5
Violin Strings
4:16 AM6
'Opening up' sound on older instrument?
1:23 PM71
Graduate Program Violin Pedagogy
Teaching and Pedagogy
1:21 PM3
Physical changes in the shoulder for a violinist
11:38 AM21
What to look for in a teacher?
Teaching and Pedagogy
11:34 AM31
Violin Auctions?
Jun 27, 201623
Pi Viola Strings
Jun 27, 20167
Jubin's Graded Repertoire
Jun 27, 201672
How should a violin sound below the ear?
Jun 27, 201630
How to Make a Violin Look Better?
Jun 26, 201628
Info about Planetary Perfection Pegs
Jun 26, 201674
Question about Bach concerto 1
Jun 26, 201613
How High Should a Nut Be
Jun 26, 20168
11 year old violin star gets surprised by Joshua Bell
Jun 25, 201614
Looking at the fingerboard
Technique and Practicing
Jun 25, 201653
How to does one remember a tune after learning it?
Technique and Practicing
Jun 25, 20169
Practice routine. Fiddling around.
Jun 25, 201633
Notation Software and Ideas for Creating MIDI files for Duet Practice Purposes
Technique and Practicing
Jun 24, 201610

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