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Left thumb worries 'again'
Technique and Practicing: This is my 'delinquent' thumb, I'd like your suggestions please :)
From Jo Parker 22 replies - Last 2014-8-21 14:11

For Sale: German violin, 1890s, full size, engraved scroll £1200 ono
Commercial notices: German violin c.1890 with an engraved scroll marked "Conservatory Violin, Dresden". This is a very well-loved violin which my parents bought for me around 1990 when I was just about to start secondary school.
From Chris Keating 9 replies - Last 2014-8-21 13:49

Changing Bow Hair
Accessories: Can you DIY?
From Matthew Dakoutros 27 replies - Last 2014-8-21 12:50

Playing in a Band
Repertoire: How do I write my own parts...?
From Graham Jenkins 4 replies - Last 2014-8-21 11:10

Why does the back of the violin uses a split wood but the front needs just one?
Instruments: Violinist wants to know why violins are made this way
From Angga Putra 9 replies - Last 2014-8-21 09:47

LIVE VIDEO(I hope!) Toronto Symphony and James Ehnes from Finland on Thursday 8/21 at Noon Eastern, 9am Pacific, 18h Central European, midnight Beijing
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: I hope that this show will be archived, and I hope that it will be streamed, without blackout, all over the world, but I cannot guarantee that. Keep your fingers crossed!
From Delmar Williams 1 reply - Last 2014-8-21 09:10

'Contextual' intonation (and 'harmonic', 'interval'...)?
Life in general: 'Perfect pitch'; 'relative pitch'. That's your choice of innate mechanisms of intonation - but are there more? Can we speed the learning of intonation by first characterizing each person's root intonation mechanism(s)?
From elise stanley 60 replies - Last 2014-8-21 08:45

Roman Kim's version of Nicolo Paganini's I Palpiti
Instruments: How does he do it!!!!!!!
From Alan Corish 7 replies - Last 2014-8-21 08:07

Violinists: Recordings and Performances: Short article remembering George Enescu and a personal anecdote
From Cheniston Roland 4 replies - Last 2014-8-21 06:08

How easy are gut strings to play ?
Accessories: Is it more difficult to get a good sound from them ?
From Brian Kelly 2 replies - Last 2014-8-21 02:42

What is perfect pitch?
Life in general: How does it fit with different temperaments?
From Liz Brown 46 replies - Last 2014-8-21 01:45

New York Phil Archives
Repertoire: Helpful orchestral music link
From John A 0 replies - Last 2014-8-20 21:07

Barbara Barber - Fingerboard geography - violin, vol. 1,, p;.28
Technique and Practicing: Barbara Barber - Fingerboard geography - violin, vol. 1,, p;.28 - Shifting to harmonics - how to execute correctly?
From Pavel Spacek 0 replies - Last 2014-8-20 20:23

Allergic to Rosin?
Health: Does this happen? Any cure?
From Liz Farley Metzger 17 replies - Last 2014-8-20 18:35

Modern 'Soil' Stradivarius Copy ($2000 OBO)
Commercial notices: 4/4 with case and bow included.
From Francis DeAsis 11 replies - Last 2014-8-20 17:45

Need advice for buying my first real violin.
Instruments: Need help finding a real violin and not a vso amongst the vast amount of online violin brands good and bad.
From Matt Elliot 6 replies - Last 2014-8-20 12:50

Instrument Size - Can it Count Against You?
Instruments: Will an orchestra accept a violinist who plays a fractional instrument?
From Krista Moyer 14 replies - Last 2014-8-20 11:04

What did dounis say about violin playing w/o a shoulder rest?
Technique and Practicing: Trying to hold the violin relaxed w/o the shoulder rest, I would like to know what dounis said about this
From Joey Hernandez 13 replies - Last 2014-8-20 08:56

Violinist and Scientist
Life in general: Who suits the category?
From Kimberley Cao 35 replies - Last 2014-8-20 07:12

What are the important issues in studying the Bach A Minor Concerto?
Teaching and Pedagogy: I'm getting ready to make an instructional video on the first movement of the Bach A Minor Concerto. I'm wondering what you folks think should be included
From Roy Sonne 14 replies - Last 2014-8-20 06:59

College Audition Help! Stravinsky?
Competitions: So I have dived into the process of selecting my repertoire for my college auditions...
From Thomas Quagliano 6 replies - Last 2014-8-19 21:12

Bowing questions
Technique and Practicing: Beginner wants to ask a few bowing questions
From Angga Putra 7 replies - Last 2014-8-19 21:10

Sartory violin bow with new frog
Commercial notices: Good condition. around 62 gr.strong stick.
From Steven Noomen 11 replies - Last 2014-8-19 21:03

Perfect pitch in the kitchen?
Technique and Practicing: If I had perfect pitch and did not know it, would it make any difference?
From Darlene Roth 11 replies - Last 2014-8-19 11:20

A Good Beginner's Viola Online
Viola: A clueless girl who just started viola and now wants to buy online. Opinions & Advice would be very much appreciated.
From June Leon 11 replies - Last 2014-8-19 10:07

Advice on changing my teacher
Teaching and Pedagogy: I went to a different teacher to get a second opinion on my level, and I was surprised by the difference in observation and pedagogy. Now I want to switch teachers.
From Alejandro Mallea 26 replies - Last 2014-8-19 07:23

we've lost John Blake... :-(
News: We've lost John Blake. ...too sad, too young, too good a guy, too much a musician and inspiration...
From Gabriel Kastelle 2 replies - Last 2014-8-19 07:21

Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto
Instruments: is it possible to play it in positions 1-4?
From Catherine Stay 16 replies - Last 2014-8-19 04:49

Violin cleaning
Instruments: Beginner wants to clean his violin. Like fast.
From Angga Putra 10 replies - Last 2014-8-19 03:30

Lark Ascending
Repertoire: Looking for the score
From stefanie landmann 19 replies - Last 2014-8-19 01:08

Beginner trying to shift to 3rd position with small hands
Technique and Practicing: 13 year old wants to shift accurately
From Angga Putra 29 replies - Last 2014-8-18 23:57

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