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On key, connecting mind, ear and fingers
Technique and Practicing: Working on intonation, how can I strengthen the connection between my mind, ear and fingers?
From Danny Worms 7 replies - Last 2015-5-26 22:10

Best Concerto to play with orchestra
Repertoire: Which concerto is more fun to play with orchestra
From André Somelast 28 replies - Last 2015-5-26 22:00

Ray Chen's Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E Minor
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: Discussion on Ray Chen's Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E Minor
From George VanZalen 7 replies - Last 2015-5-26 20:42

Suzuki traitor?
Teaching and Pedagogy: Has anyone switched from Suzuki method books to others?
From Renee Knutson 13 replies - Last 2015-5-26 15:25

Length of lesson and weekly workload
Teaching and Pedagogy: Lesson length, practice time, and progress speed.
From JEN WEN Chang 3 replies - Last 2015-5-26 15:13

How much did Stradivari sell his instruments for?
Instruments: Am I the only one who ever wondered how much stradivari sold his instruments for?
From Alexandre Sheasby 8 replies - Last 2015-5-26 13:58

When to ignore the conductor?
Life in general: Are there situations when the orchestra, or a section of it, should ignore the conductor?
From Peter Williamson 62 replies - Last 2015-5-26 13:49

Chin rest and shoulder rest history
Accessories: Question about a source for the history of chin rests and shoulder rests
From Emanuela Lacraru 24 replies - Last 2015-5-26 10:00

How do I start practicing after the death of a loved one?
Technique and Practicing: On March 13, 2015 I lost my closest friend - closer to me than even my family. I haven't managed to practice one time since then, but my musical "demands" continue.
From Bev Saunders 11 replies - Last 2015-5-26 09:57

A real hero
News: A man willing to give his life for music.
From Stephen Brivati 2 replies - Last 2015-5-26 08:49

Practicing when sick?
Health: Feeling so guilty, in addition to feeling so vile!
From Rashmi Thomas 5 replies - Last 2015-5-26 04:28

Questions about EH Roth Viola?
Instruments: Have an EH Roth viola on trial, wondering about it's pricing.
From Amy S. 12 replies - Last 2015-5-26 03:05

Learning about learning.
Instruments: How I made important progress without knowing it. The hidden learning curves.
From Darlene Roth 37 replies - Last 2015-5-25 08:52

Books on violin adjustments
Instruments: Recommendations on authors/titles
From Allen Liang 8 replies - Last 2015-5-25 06:09

Collection of Contemporary Violins
Instruments: Interesting link I found on Maestronet about a collection of contemporary violins with nice photos.
From Kenneth Choo 2 replies - Last 2015-5-25 06:00

SF Youth Orchestra vs. NY Youth Orchestra
Schools, Teachers and Camps: East and west coast orchestras. Which is better NY or SF?
From Peter Duranceau 2 replies - Last 2015-5-25 03:52

Stopped fifths
Technique and Practicing: My fingers can't bridge the gap?
From Suebin Park 11 replies - Last 2015-5-25 00:22

Short but sweet
Instruments: The challenge of teaching as opposed to masterclasses as opposed to prunes.
From Stephen Brivati 42 replies - Last 2015-5-24 23:49

Learning by myself - Help, and advice me.
Technique and Practicing: I am learning by myself due to circumstances; I will need help and guidance on technique which I will ask here.
From Michael James 11 replies - Last 2015-5-24 11:37

Are better instruments easier to play?
Instruments: We expect more expensive instruments to sound better than cheaper ones. But are they easier to play? How has your playing (or your students') been affected by "moving up" to a substantially better instrument?
From Christine Robins 79 replies - Last 2015-5-24 10:47

Nocturne in C Sharp minor violin
Instruments: Where can I find the sheet music for Nocturne in C sharp minor, arranged by Milstan? I checked on the website, there are free sheet music, but not like Sarah Chang or Jushua Bell played edition. Please direct. Thank you.
From Na You 1 reply - Last 2015-5-24 06:53

Stolen violin and bow
Instruments: Stolen; a violin by Friedrich Alber and a bow by Katia Louis
From Nigel Keay 3 replies - Last 2015-5-24 04:42

Piece written since 1960
Repertoire: Is there any standard repertoire written since 1960?
From Basil Alter 14 replies - Last 2015-5-23 22:38

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