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For Sale/Commercial Notices

Protype Fry-graduated 4/4 violin from Gianna's
Crisp, balanced, sweet prototype violin from Gianna's - a successful test model with mineral ground, red-orange color, and nice oil varnish, all done in our shop from a good white instrument.
From Stephen Perry 2 replies - Last 2015-3-27 20:25

2010 Wilbaux violin for sale
Selling my violin made by Isabelle Wilbaux, Montreal in 2010.
From Rocky Milankov 0 replies - Last 2015-3-27 17:07

More instruments for sale and other commercial notices from Violinist.com readers

All Topics

Going to Paris for a new bow
Accessories: Going to Paris, trying to find a new bow.
From Olivia Erikson 0 replies - Last 2015-3-28 22:39

Violin F-Holes- Is there any space for improvement?
Instruments: Reviewing the best and worst violin F-Hole designs over time .
From Alexandre Sheasby 3 replies - Last 2015-3-28 22:32

A bit sad, but which violin mute to buy?
Instruments: So many to choose from, which one is the best?
From Jonathan Law 37 replies - Last 2015-3-28 20:51

Lubos Odlas bow maker.
Instruments: Just wanted to know if some of you can say something about the bows of this maker!
From Eugenia Violin 6 replies - Last 2015-3-28 19:34

Trouble with my teacher
Schools, Teachers and Camps: Having tension with my lesson teacher and don't know how to resolve it.
From Meredith Riddle 20 replies - Last 2015-3-28 19:09

Intonation and Shifting Problems
Technique and Practicing: Tips and Tricks on how to get better at shifting with better intonation.
From John Derry 17 replies - Last 2015-3-28 18:13

How important is ridge height for sound production?
Instruments: How important is bridge height for sound production?
From Jesse Branovacki 32 replies - Last 2015-3-28 17:10

What synthetic string is most like gut?
Instruments: Has anyone tried the almost-unknown Synoxa? An expert at the fancy Chicago shop Bein and Fushi recommended it to me as a substitute for gut, and I was amazed at how good it is!
From bob barsky 7 replies - Last 2015-3-28 14:28

Violin With Hearing Aid ?
Health: A hearing aid reveals my real sound or does it ? ( "His playing isn't as bad as it sounds." Mark Twain.
From Darlene Roth 3 replies - Last 2015-3-28 14:03

Scottish style help
Repertoire: What do you hear in string orchestra pieces that would make it sound Scottish.
From Shawn Boucke 6 replies - Last 2015-3-28 11:19

Musafia cases and weight
Accessories: Contemplating the trade-offs between weight and protection
From Lydia Leong 0 replies - Last 2015-3-28 10:13

Point of origin
Instruments: What's more important, who makes the violin, or where it is made?
From leon skibinski 13 replies - Last 2015-3-28 09:28

Best classical vinyl records?
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: Give me your favorites!
From Suebin Park 18 replies - Last 2015-3-28 09:13

Playing when you can't hear yourself.
Instruments: Trumpets drown me out so I can't hear my violin and thus have difficulty playing.
From Edward Scheier 12 replies - Last 2015-3-28 08:41

Moving your mouth while playing music- Are you actually saying anything?
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: Do do musicians actually make words while interpreting a piece?
From Alexandre Sheasby 20 replies - Last 2015-3-28 08:02

Viola / English horn (or oboe) duets
Viola: Looking for duets written for viola and English horn or oboe.
From Rocky Milankov 5 replies - Last 2015-3-28 07:21

William Primrose: Technique Is Memory
Technique and Practicing: Has anyone heard of / used this method or know anything else about it?
From Jami Kleinert 33 replies - Last 2015-3-28 04:54

What do you guys think?
Health: in general, which of the two statements sounds more agreeable to you?
From Edwin Bortko 16 replies - Last 2015-3-28 04:45

Playing 'emotions first'
Technique and Practicing: Here is what happened when I tried a new approach
From Bart Meijer 8 replies - Last 2015-3-28 03:07

To Teach or Not to Teach (my apologies to Shakespere)
Teaching and Pedagogy: This discussion is about qualifications to start teaching violin.
From Mary Barrett 10 replies - Last 2015-3-27 19:45

Trouble with flats and sharps
Life in general: I would appreciate any help anyone can give me on flats and sharps.
From Luke Strong 36 replies - Last 2015-3-27 16:35

Free workshops in classical improvisation
Instruments: Continued exploration of classical improvisation on 3 Saturdays. Bring your instrument. Free and open to the public.
From Mike Laird 0 replies - Last 2015-3-27 16:14

Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola Review
Instruments: Quick Summary of new strings from Pirastro
From Chris Atanasiu 1 reply - Last 2015-3-27 13:53

Luis and Clark Violin for Sale
Commercial notices: Don't play anymore and want to sell my Violin
From Amanda Judy 0 replies - Last 2015-3-27 11:46

In need of advice.
Repertoire: I am an advancing violinist willing to take the instrument seriously, and pursue a second degree for the violin. I plan to be a soloist someday. I need some advice and motivation on what to do, and I also need help with my instrument.
From Jonathan Chuaunsu 15 replies - Last 2015-3-27 09:04

Violin Secrets of the Old Masters?
Teaching and Pedagogy: Anybody have a dusty copy?
From A. O. 1 reply - Last 2015-3-27 08:00

My personal teaching method
Teaching and Pedagogy: what I would use to teach.
From Catherine Stay 27 replies - Last 2015-3-27 02:48

Tomorrow is my competition !!!!!!
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: pls wish me luck.......
From Maja Bsbs 3 replies - Last 2015-3-26 23:44

Rosin issues after rehair
Instruments: After a long-needed rehair, I'm having trouble with slippery spots on my bow
From Kathryn Woodby 6 replies - Last 2015-3-26 19:25

Can A Violin Bow Have A Rounded Frog?
Instruments: Teacher says the W. Seifert violin bow 134 my grandson has is a viola bow based on the shape of the frog. Do violin bows only have squared off frogs?
From J Schlosser 11 replies - Last 2015-3-26 16:02

Tooth Extraction and Pain Under the Chin, left side
Health: I looking for advice and similar experiences of other violinists who have had teeth extracted on the left side. Thanks!
From Elizabeth Rexford 11 replies - Last 2015-3-26 13:55

Purchasing a new fiddle
Instruments: What to look for? Online, shops, etc.
From Ryan Beauchamp 21 replies - Last 2015-3-26 12:33

9 Unique Blog Topics - Which Ones Interest you?
Teaching and Pedagogy: I have just started interacting with violinist.com, and I'm wondering what you guys think of these blog topics.
From Michael Sanchez 3 replies - Last 2015-3-26 09:22

Mobile Apps for Practicing
Accessories: Using technology to aid our practice.
From Darren Mark 5 replies - Last 2015-3-26 08:15

Can One String Affect a Whole Violin ?
Instruments: First tests with the "E" string package. How the "E" string might be very important (?) (Ya gotta believe!) Is the wrong "E" string to blame for a lot of our woes?
From Darlene Roth 26 replies - Last 2015-3-26 06:20

Natural Drone Tones vs. Electronic Drone Tones
Technique and Practicing: I am interested to hear what people think about the merits of natural drone tones produced by real acoustic instruments vs. electronic drones.
From teo benson 1 reply - Last 2015-3-26 03:19

Sub $3,000 violin impossible?
Instruments: Can't seem to find a good student instrument in $2,000 range
From Cynthia O 48 replies - Last 2015-3-25 23:47

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