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For Sale/Commercial Notices

Arcus Cadenza Gold Mounted violin bow
Arcus Cadenza violin bow mounted in Gold. The stick is octagonal. For photos see my Craigslist add here. http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/msg/4903592575.html Or, contact me directly cenovia4@gmail.com
From Cenovia Cummins 0 replies - Last 2015-3-3 19:14

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Suggestions for modern composers to listen to
Life in general: Searching for examples of living composers.
From David Knutson 18 replies - Last 2015-3-4 14:17

This is the end
Instruments: The robot that can play the violin.
From Rocky Milankov 1 reply - Last 2015-3-4 13:23

Good Music Academies To Go To?
Instruments: other than Vienna academy
From Maja Bsbs 0 replies - Last 2015-3-4 12:49

Practicing Zigeunerweisen?
Technique and Practicing: Any tips on how to practice passages, downward chromatic scales, left hand pizzicato more effectively? I've been doing it good so far but I would like to try different ways of practicing it
From Maja Bsbs 0 replies - Last 2015-3-4 12:49

Zarelon synthetic bow hair
Accessories: What are your thoughts?
From Shawn Boucke 0 replies - Last 2015-3-4 12:49

I'm so INSULTED!!!
Health: Violinist jokes... we've all heard them! We can all laugh at ourselves, right? It's a healthy thing not to take oneself too seriously? So lets let the healing begin!
From James Lapihuska 94 replies - Last 2015-3-4 10:55

What (signature) time is it?
Instruments: What historical influences helped to shape the choices of time signature we now use?
From Darlene Roth 4 replies - Last 2015-3-4 10:51

What to do in NYC?
Instruments: Looking for some advice
From Bruno Lunkes 14 replies - Last 2015-3-4 10:26

Has anyone ever tried a violin from Infinite Strings
Instruments: Is Infinite Strings good?
From Nathan Kim 31 replies - Last 2015-3-4 09:59

Warchal Brilliant Viola Set (Long) Review
Instruments: Quick review of Warchal's new Brilliant Viola string set.
From Chris Atanasiu 22 replies - Last 2015-3-4 04:49

When to ignore the conductor?
Life in general: Are there situations when the orchestra, or a section of it, should ignore the conductor?
From Peter Williamson 18 replies - Last 2015-3-3 20:25

Kaplan Amo-Vivo violin strings
Accessories: Who tried them...?
From Popi stavrinidou 11 replies - Last 2015-3-3 16:36

Chamber music courses for amateurs?
Schools, Teachers and Camps: Where can I play chamber music during summer?
From Beatriz Villarroel 4 replies - Last 2015-3-3 09:54

Sound post thickness.
Instruments: Is thinner,better?
From kypros christoudoulides 13 replies - Last 2015-3-3 04:37

Original Sibelius Concerto
Repertoire: Anyone know if the sheet music is available for the original (1903-04) version of the Sibelius Vln Concerto?
From Henry Flory 14 replies - Last 2015-3-3 02:34

Commercial notices: Looking for Instruments by Poggi and Fiorini
From Michael Chen 23 replies - Last 2015-3-2 16:51

Competitions: I know that its hard to get accepted into schools like Juilliard, but I was wondering just how good you have to be, to get in?
From Anna Kiriaev 26 replies - Last 2015-3-2 15:20

best orchestral arpeggio sequences?
Repertoire: Best orchestral arpeggios written for violin.
From Andreas Lantz 8 replies - Last 2015-3-2 12:56

Does Hahn use Dominant/Pirastro Gold E combo?
DVD reviews: I did some sneaky investigation and thought I saw her using this combination of strings. Can anyone confirm or correct my assertion?
From James Lapihuska 57 replies - Last 2015-3-2 10:56

How to Third finger!
Technique and Practicing: Improvements on the ability of the third finger to wedge itself into hard to get places in fast pieces while maintaining intune-ness
From Katherine Li 66 replies - Last 2015-3-2 03:46

Popeye the Violin Man
Technique and Practicing: Does anyone know if larger muscled arms can ultimately hamper a violinist from advancing in his (or her) study of the instrument? Can I train my fingers around this problem?
From James Lapihuska 6 replies - Last 2015-3-1 22:28

My E string squeaks -- what can I do?
Instruments: I have two violins, both with Dominant strings. The E string on one violin often squeaks and doesn't play. Is there anything I can do to fix the problem? Or is this just a feature of this violin that I'm stuck with?
From Ellie Sims 6 replies - Last 2015-3-1 19:01

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Suzuki Violin School

"Where did the Suzuki CD go?"

Good news! All the Suzuki Violin School CDs are available now as digital downloads on Amazon.com. But why take the time to search for them all? We've collected links to each album for Suzuki Violin Books 1 - 8.

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Arnold Steinhardt

Master Class with Arnold Steinhardt

Smiling as he spoke, Steinhardt offered his suggestions with clarity and appeal, in language both efficient and richly meaningful.