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Master Class Talk, Nov. 9, Omaha, Nebraska
Sarah Gray is hosting another in her Master Class Talks series. The speaker is Marilyn Wallin, violinmaker from Lincoln, Nebraska. Of particular interest to players in the Lincoln, Omaha and western Iowa areas.
From marilyn wallin 0 replies - Last 2014-10-25 11:51

For Sale/Commercial Notices

Selling my Musafia luxury ultralight violin case
Musafia Luxury Ultralight
From léo Belthoise 1 reply - Last 2014-10-25 15:07

For Sale: 2013 Hiroshi Kono violin
I am selling a Like new Hiroshi Kono violin with a very nice bow and suspension case.
From chris peck 0 replies - Last 2014-10-22 21:27

Violin Technique, Drew Lecher, book for sale
Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing the book.
From Sandy Herrault 0 replies - Last 2014-10-22 21:27

More instruments for sale and other commercial notices from Violinist.com readers

All Topics

Jargar violin strings
Accessories: Ther doesn't seem to be reviewa of Jargar violin string sets...
From John Savage 8 replies - Last 2014-10-25 19:41

Advices needed for double stops
Technique and Practicing: need some help with this crazy double stops
From lee junming 3 replies - Last 2014-10-25 15:33

How to use impulse vibrato on gut strings?
Technique and Practicing: I am referring to wound or plain gut.
From A. O. 3 replies - Last 2014-10-25 14:10

To risk or Not to Risk
Instruments: Scott Cao STV1500 final sale vs SHAR John Cheng *not final sale that also comes with a bunch of safety measure*
From Skylar Nguyen 23 replies - Last 2014-10-25 12:55

What is the best way to practice and improve effectively?
Technique and Practicing: Everybody's heard of the "10,000 hours of practice" rule, but what do you think?
From Suebin Park 24 replies - Last 2014-10-25 05:27

Violin micro tuner
Accessories: A handy device for tuning in noisy environments.
From Andrew Victor 4 replies - Last 2014-10-25 04:44

How do you practice tenths
Technique and Practicing: Paganini's caprice no. 4
From David Rivers 9 replies - Last 2014-10-25 00:55

Suzuki Book 1 guide
Technique and Practicing: What concepts to learn at what point in the book
From Swetha Sai 26 replies - Last 2014-10-24 23:05

Adult beginner -- how do I get REALLY good at violin?
Technique and Practicing: Is it possible for an adult beginner to become advanced? I badly want to play the Tchaikovsky Concerto one day.
From Annie Mason 44 replies - Last 2014-10-24 20:33

What to play for violin trials?
Instruments: Helping a student choose an instrument--last minute realized I should probably bring something to play too!
From Kathryn Woodby 15 replies - Last 2014-10-24 17:42

Julie Reed's Contemporary Violin Makers Exhitibion in NYC
Instruments: Julie Reed's Contemporary Violin Makers Exhitibion in NYC - quite a good oportunity to see instruments by 52 top makers.
From LUIS CLAUDIO MANFIO 8 replies - Last 2014-10-24 11:10

For Sale - Musafia Momentum Z
Commercial notices: £390GBP + the cost of P&P
From Cara Williams 6 replies - Last 2014-10-24 07:53

Any tips for fast shifting?
Technique and Practicing: Shifting without that annoying slide-y noise too.
From Suebin Park 9 replies - Last 2014-10-24 06:01

Wolf on A string
Instruments: How to quick fix
From Swetha Sai 13 replies - Last 2014-10-24 04:13

Ulster Orchestra
News: Another orchestra in difficulty
From Malcolm Turner 2 replies - Last 2014-10-24 00:17

Possible audition piece for college orchestra
Repertoire: College student looking for a piece to audition with to try out for school orchestra.
From Jason Pagano 2 replies - Last 2014-10-23 19:56

Czardas pieces...
Repertoire: looking for pieces like Czardas, showy, fun, or gypsy-stylish...
From Madeline Davis 7 replies - Last 2014-10-23 19:28

LIVE(don't know if archived) VIDEO fr/Carnegie Anne-Sophie Mutter&Friends Tues. Nov. 18 @ 8pm Eastern,,,5pm Pacific in Eur/Asia on Wed Nov. 19
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: Carnegie Hall is being to webcast some shows!! There will more this season.
From Delmar Williams 0 replies - Last 2014-10-23 16:49

Name of this piece?
Repertoire: Its stuck in my head but I don't know its name! :)
From A. O. 5 replies - Last 2014-10-23 16:42

ON DEMAND: Mullova Plays Shostakovich Concerto No. 1 until Dec. 13...
Violinists: Recordings and Performances: Victoria Mullova with the Lahti Symphony and Hannu Lintu.
From Delmar Williams 1 reply - Last 2014-10-23 10:38

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