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Karen Allendoerfer

A few years ago I moved to the SF Bay area for family reasons, and have played violin and viola here with a number of different groups: violin and principal viola with the Nova Vista Symphony, viola with the South Bay Philharmonic, and violin with the Silicon Valley Philharmonic.

My college-age daughter started violin in public school in 3rd grade after a mixed Suzuki experience. In high school she played the violin, viola, ukulele, and bassoon at different times. I also have a teenage son who plays the cello in the San Jose Youth Symphony.

I work as a science educator and writer in the SF Bay area.

My personal blog, "A Thousand Finds," can be found here.

Email: k.l.allendoerfer.author at gmail.com


I started playing the violin when I was 7, in a public school program. I played violin throughout school and 2 years in college. I also studied violin for a school year in (then West) Berlin, Germany, at the Leo-Borchard-Musikschule.


I was a member of the Williamsville District Orchestra and the Greater Buffalo Youth Orchestra, in high school.


Afterwards, I played with the Princeton University Orchestra in college, and the Caltech-Occidental Symphony Orchestra as a postdoc.

I had two major breaks from playing violin, both lasting about 7 years, one to get a PhD in Neuroscience and one to have kids. I started playing violin again about 10 years ago, and have added viola. I am drawn to the sound and inner voice role of the viola and hope to become more proficient in that instrument.

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When I lived in the Boston area, I played with the Arlington Philharmonic Orchestra from 2007-2015. I was the concertmaster for 7 years and I occasionally played viola with that group as well. I played chamber music with friends from the APO at local markets, and I often played for church services at First Parish Watertown, Unitarian-Universalist.

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