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Mendy Smith

League City, Texas

Mendy joined Violinist.com on Dec 2, 2005

Violinist.com blog: http://www.violinist.com/blog/mendys

I'm a passionate amateur violist. I started on the viola (not violin) in the 1970's when my 3rd grade music teacher convinced me that the viola was "just like the violin". It wasn't until a decade later that I realized that the viola WASN'T just like the violin :) I restarted in 2003 on the same viola that I began with in the '70's.

I finally achieved my "Bach by 40" goal in January 2010 (learning to play all the Cello Suites transcribed for viola) . I'm now starting my "by 50" goal: to play a piece written by composers whose last name starts with each letter of the alphabet.

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