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Maylaffayza Wiguna

Jakarta, Indonesia

Maylaffayza joined Violinist.com on Jan 11, 2006

Personal website: http://maylaffayza.multiply.com

For the past 6 years, I have established myself as Indonesia's prime pop-classical crossover artist. I regularly perform solo on major events or also along with Indonesia's top performing singers and bands, but of course I'm usually the only instrumentalist. These shows also get aired in full on national TVs.

I am now finishing my 1st Solo Album. The music concept of this album will definitely be a breakthrough, as it combines the sounds of violin’s strings with Hip-Hop and R&B rhythms, with music references from the West blended with some Indonesian tunes. I also sing on several tracks.

I also run my own management team, but I do have my manager Yasha (62-21-926-52895) who directly deals with the media and clients

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