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Zhongling Li

Needham, Massachusetts

Zhongling joined Violinist.com on Dec 30, 2005

Personal website: http://www.bostonstring.org

ZhongLing Li has performed as a soloist and chamber musician in her native China as well as in the US and Europe. She is the exclusive winner of the 2006 Arthur W. Foote Award from the Harvard Musical Association. In May 2005, Ms. Li was awarded the Dan David Prize for Performing Arts, dedicated to only 20 people in the world with proven and exceptional excellence in sciences, arts, and humanities. She made her solo debut with the Boston Pops in May 2004 as the winner of the Boston University 2004 Soloists’ Competition. Ms. Li holds both a Doctoral and a Master of Music degree from Boston University, where she studied with Prof.Dana Mazurkevich. During her studies at Boston University she was awarded distinctions such as the Grand Prize in the 2001 Bach Competition and recognition as an Outstanding Student in 2004. Ms. Li received her Bachelor of Music degree from Shanghai Conservatory, where she was winner of both the Shanghai Bach and Mozart Competitions. Ms. Li is a former member of the China National Symphony Orchestra, with whom she toured extensively throughout Europe and Asia. She currently teaches at Northeastern University Music Department.

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