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Laurie Niles

Pasadena, California

Laurie Niles founded Violinist.com on December 25, 1996

Violinist.com blog: http://www.violinist.com/blog/laurie
Personal website: http://www.violinist.com/

Cellist Pablo Casals once said, “Maybe it is music that will save the world,” and Laurie Niles believes, “Maybe it is the Internet that will save classical music.”

Thus the birth of Violinist.com, which Laurie founded with her husband, Robert, in 1996. The website offered Laurie the perfect opportunity to blend her skills as a formally trained professional violinist and a former daily newspaper reporter.

Over the past decade, Violinist.com has proven that the Internet can draw together people from all over the world who love classical music, and that it can inflame their passion for it. The site attracts more than 225,000 absolute unique visitors each month, from teens in Kansas blogging about a Suzuki festival to professionals in the Far East sharing practice tips.

Laurie lives in Pasadena, Calif., where she maintains a private studio and teaches with Suzuki Talent Education of Pasadena (STEP). She free-lances in LA, and has played for the Pasadena, New West, Redlands, Omaha (Neb.) and the Colorado Springs Symphonies. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Northwestern University, where she studied with Gerardo Ribeiro, and a Master of Arts degree in Journalism from Indiana University, where she also studied violin with Henryk Kowalski. She is registered with the SAA, having trained in Suzuki Books 1-10 with James Maurer at the University of Denver, and with Mark Bjork, Helen Brunner, Ellie LeRoux and Enid Cleary at the Colorado Suzuki Institute. In addition to her Violinist.com blog, she has also written articles for The Strad magazine, Symphony magazine and the American Suzuki Journal.

Laurie loves to write profiles, and on this page are an archive of those that she has written for this site. You also are invited to view Laurie's "annotated Internet recital," Can't Say Enough about the Violin.

Also, here is a mini-documentary about her work teaching at McKinley School in Pasadena, and also some resources for teachers that she created from that two-year project.

Recent Violinist.com blog entries:

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