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Gerald Field

Highland Park, Illinois

Gerald joined Violinist.com on Dec 30, 2009

Personal website: http://fieldviolinworkshop.com

I've played violin continually since the age of 6 and then studied violin making for 3 1/2 years 1975-1979 at what is now The Chicago School of Violin Making. Then I studied restoration with several master restorers at Oberlin College and University of New Hampshire. I've continued to participate in varnish, acoustic and other related workshops. My wife, Jutta, who has a similar background in violin making, and I opened our shop in 1980 in Chicago. We relocated to Highland Park, Il, in 1991 close to the Ravinia Festival Park. At our shop we sell old and new instruments. We do restoration and all repairs including bow work. Our rehairing service is exceptional and we only use high quality hair. We also sell accessories, rent instruments, do insurance appraisals and consignments. There is always a new instrument in progress.

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