Bonny Buckley
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Bonny Buckley

Bonny is founding a new ensemble, "Transport Show Orchester" in southwest Germany, which combines live orchestral performance with multi-media effects.

Grandfathers of her learning include David Oistrakh and Ivan Galamian. Teachers included Dana Pomerantz-Mazurkevich, Roman Totenberg, Guo-Guo Guang, Peter Kaman and Clayton Hoener.

Bonny performs on a 300+ year old violin.

Find some of her work recorded on Tranquillo, A Northwest Celebration, a CD of classics performed by string quartet.

A natural leader, after completing a Bachelor of Music with honors in Violin at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, she organized musicians, performed and taught in China and the United States. Bonny also holds Professional Certification for Teaching K-12 Instrumental Music in WA State.

Bonny plays violin and viola often in chamber music, orchestras and symphonies in southwest Germany. She teaches violin, guitar and English.
Bonny resides in Böblingen, near Stuttgart, Germany.

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