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Philippe Quint plays Tchaikovsky & ArenskyThe Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto is one of the most loved, and most controversial concertos ever written for the violin, and Philippe Quint's new recording on the 1708 "Ruby" Strad brings it to life once more. Recorded with the Sofia Philharmonic led by conductor Martin Panteleev, the album includes two versions of the Finale: Tchaikovsky's original and Auer's edited version. Not only that, but the Arensky string quartet included in this disc is a wonderful find — Russian and Romantic and rich-sounding, scored for violin, viola and two cellos. It was written in memory of Tchaikovsky and contains some familiar tunes, and this ensemble (including Quint, violist Lily Francis and cellists Claudio Bohórquez and Nicolas Altstaedt) gives it an expert and impassioned reading.

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