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The Weekend Vote

V.com weekend vote: How comfortable is your concertwear?

July 10, 2015 14:39

I've long heard complaints from my male colleagues about the uncomfortable nature of wearing a tuxedo while playing the violin. Judging from the enormous response to Kevin Yu's invention of a tux shirt inspired by the comfort of athletic shirts, this seems to be a common problem!

Tux, full view
Photo by Sil Azvedo Photography
Men are often required to wear tuxes, though not always. By contrast, as a female who usually simply has to wear all black, I find that there is usually a range of options that allows me to choose clothing that is both formal and comfortable. Sure, I can wear something uncomfortable if I choose, but I can also wear something that looks nice but feels like pajamas.

Also, many playing situations allow for completely different kinds of clothing. A soloist can choose his or her own kind of dress, such as Anne-Sophie Mutter's sleeveless gowns. A pop musician might be attired in jeans and leather!

So I thought I'd see where the general level of comfort or discomfort is for men vs. women. And once you answer the appropriate poll, describe what your concertwear is, especially if it's a little out of the ordinary.

Please vote in both polls so that you can see the results of both:



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