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The Weekend Vote

V.com weekend vote: modern or old violins?

June 26, 2015 09:45

VSA violins

Attitudes are evolving, when it comes to modern vs. old violins, and this week's article by Barton Samuel Rotberg gives us more food for thought. How important is it that a violin be loud; is volume more important than quality? And so what if the sound "under our ears" is not quite the same as what the audience hears -- it's still a very important element that matters a great deal.

And of course, all violins are different, and we each have our own experiences with the quality of instruments that we come across. What is your current thinking on this issue? Do you prefer old violins (100 years or older) or moderns? Or can you honestly say that you feel equally about the two? And tell us why, and if your mind has changed about the issue.

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V.com weekend vote: Do you do wrist or arm vibrato better?

June 12, 2015 13:55

vibrato wave

In an article this week about a left-hand technique class taught by Kurt Sassmannshaus at the Starling-Delay symposium, the subject of arm vs. hand vibrato came up. Sassmannshaus was saying that, if a student develops a good arm vibrato, it can be hard to convince that student to also develop a wrist vibrato.

That made me curious! What percentage of people do exclusively either wrist or arm vibrato? And among those who do both, which kind of vibrato is most dominant? And just to describe them: In a wrist vibrato, the hand moves back and forth from the wrist. In an arm vibrato, the forearm moves from the elbow, and the wrist is not moving.

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