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The Weekend Vote

V.com weekend vote: How are your math skills?

April 11, 2014 14:27

While music and violin-playing certainly draw on our imagination and artistic sensibilities, they also require a lot of mathematical thinking.

In fact, I've heard a number of people state that musicians tend to be good at math. But is that true? And if so, does the study of music improve one's math skills, or are mathematically-minded people simply more drawn to music?


How is it for you, are you better-than-average at math, average, or is math just not your subject? And what is your opinion on the matter?

21 replies

V.com weekend vote: Do you have long fingers, medium or short?

April 4, 2014 14:14

There were a number of jealous responses to this picture of Menuhin Competition winner Stephen Waarts:

Stephen Waarts

"Look at those long fingers!"

It's true, certain things (like 10ths, possibly creating variety in vibrato) are likely easier, with longer fingers. But finger length does not matter as much on violin as it does, say, on the piano, where, if you can't reach an interval, you can't reach an interval. At least we have various-sized violins. Those with very small hands can use a 3/4 or a 7/8 violin if needed, and of course children can learn on fractional instruments.

How about you, are your fingers long, medium or small?

14 replies

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