August 2011

A New Adventure

August 13, 2011 16:27

 So this blog is going to be about something I've been thinking a lot about lately. Unless you've clicked on my personal profile recently, you will not know that I will be attending a specialist music school in England from the beginning of September. I literally cannot wait. I'm so excited to be going into an environment where people my age love music just as much as I do! 

  As many of you know, I'm 16 years of age and I live in an area with limited musical resources. Ask me about a violin teacher around here and I know of none. I either have to travel an hour west or an hour east to get anywhere near a teacher. My former school had had its music budget cut during the recession and even with the amount of work the two teachers put into their jobs, it's impossible to be able to be able to teach to an high standard without the resources to do so. So now I feel extremely privileged that I have been given such a wonderful opportunity to develop my musicality to a very high standard. Not many people get that opportunity to do so. 

  One of the things I am most looking forward to is being with people my age who love classical music. I am a Facebook user and when ever I used to update my status to 'Don't you just love listening to Bach?' or something similar, I would receive nasty comments below from people who didn't approve of me being 'different'. So I stopped putting any statuses like that. I also had to dampen down my musical urges socially until they were just a mere glow in the background, pushed aside in my thoughts. I would have to avoid joining in with conversations about new pop songs too. 

  This was, until I was at a choir rehearsal one day and I got talking to a girl (who soon became my best friend) about our musical ambitions. When I mentioned the radio station Classic FM, I hoped I wouldn't be laughed at. Much to my surprise, she beamed at what I had said and replied with, 'You know, you're the first person my age who has said that to me. I love it too!' From that moment on, going to choir and talking with her became my new escape into letting my musicality flow in all sorts of new directions, branching out, extending my vocabulary, making me think more about new styles and contemporary music, and so on. 

  When I start at my new school in September, I think I will just fit in so much more. I'm nervous about certain aspects (well, who wouldn't be, especially when you're boarding for the first time) but they are far outweighed by the positive feelings I've been getting. I've been speaking online with some people who go there and who I'll be in the same year as, and they are just so friendly and nice! And the other thing is... they love Radio 3!!!

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