June 2011

The Sight of a Violin - Magical

June 8, 2011 01:46

  It's great to see the joy on people's faces when they see a violin, isn't it? No matter how cheap, the sight of a violin to most people causes their facial muscles to automatically pull into a smile. Violins seem to have a strange, wonderful and magical mystery to them that a lot of other instruments do not seem to hold.

  I remember the first violin I ever got. I was 9, and I'd had a dream since the age of 6 to play the violin. When I saw orchestras on TV, I was always drawn to the violins - the players' fingers would be whizzing up and down the fingerboard and their bows were always in perfect unison. I would stare at the screen, mesmorised. At that point, being on a screen was the closest a violin had ever got to my house. I longed to see a real one. And when my lucky day came - the day I recieved my first violin - I felt so in awe of it that I was almost afraid to touch it. It was beautiful!

  Since then, I've grown to realise, of course, that there are good quality violins and bad quality ones. But when I was younger, and even now, just the sight of a violin at all puts a smile on my face, as it does with many other people. Of course, the real magic held in an older, played violin, or one which has been lovingly crafted is far superior to VSO's out there. They tell a story of how they arrived in their place they are now. All those fingers that have played those older violins out there have helped to shape the instrument. All those people who have loved their instrument and taken care of it have helped to shape it. Or the time taken over a newly hand crafted one is all a violin needs to start its journey of hopefully many, many years with many different owners.

  A violin is not just a piece of wood with a few strings that some people play; It is a symbol of sheer beauty. And from the day I recieved my first ever violin, I have felt pure joy and gratitude at the fact I can look at and soak up all the magic from my violin when ever I like. It is my dream, one day, to buy a violin which has been crafted lovingly, or has got a lot of history to it. I want to get to know its personality, its strengths, its weaknesses, and I want to produce beautiful music from it. That's my dream.

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