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Sometimes It Pays Just To Show Up
by Kate Little
2015-7-30 21:52
0 replies

Looking for Hiroshi Kono 4/4 Violin or Outfit
by steve mclanahan
2015-7-30 18:53
1 reply

Goetz, Hermann G. violin concerto opus 22
by Bram Heemskerk
2015-7-28 03:11
0 replies

What is wrong with Violists?
by Jasmine Ong
2015-7-25 23:55
3 replies

Practice: July
by Esther Tran
2015-7-25 12:04
0 replies

3 Solutions if Raising Your Shoulder Rest isn't the Solution to Your Pain Problem
by Zlata Brouwer
2015-7-14 02:44
0 replies

What a Violinist Learned from Playing the Piano
by Zlata Brouwer
2015-7-14 01:46
1 reply

How to Play a 6/8 Rhythm Fast and Rhythmically
by Zlata Brouwer
2015-7-14 00:23
0 replies

Original Film Score Cue for Doctor Who (Take a listen!)
by Joshua Iyer
2015-7-11 12:05
0 replies

More Violin Art
by Sal Peralta
2015-7-9 15:39
0 replies

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