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ASTA 2015

At the American String Teachers Association Conference

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To Look or Not To Look
by Charles Cook
2015-3-28 17:44
0 replies

12 Tips to Play in Tune on the Violin or Viola (5 to 8)
by Zlata Brouwer
2015-3-26 01:03
0 replies

Strads and Cremona, 'Suessical', and 'Psycho' :)
by Joshua Iyer
2015-3-23 15:37
0 replies

Dr. David Brunell
by Becky Chaffee
2015-3-23 10:17
0 replies

How to Straighten the Bridge of Your Violin or Viola and Prevent Damage
by Zlata Brouwer
2015-3-19 01:11
0 replies

It's Here...
by Catherine Stay
2015-3-18 15:52
0 replies

Choosing my career.
by Earl Joseph
2015-3-15 11:08
0 replies

Force Learning and Strong Memories
by Charles Cook
2015-3-15 02:59
0 replies

Sound of A Violin
by Darian Burkhart
2015-3-14 16:50
0 replies

Autumn Leaves Sheet Music?
by Millie Runion
2015-3-13 10:17
5 replies

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