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What I've Learned from Early Music Training
by Mendy Smith
2015-5-22 20:04
0 replies

3 Tips for Violin or Viola Players who Feel like a Beginner Every Day
by Zlata Brouwer
2015-5-21 01:39
0 replies

Facebook group Classical Violinists
by Yinmui Chan
2015-5-19 02:45
0 replies

Chances of Getting Into NYO?
by Emily :)
2015-5-18 20:06
3 replies

[Video] Can You Over-Drop Your Right Elbow or Shoulder while Bowing?
by Zlata Brouwer
2015-5-13 01:02
0 replies

YSAYE's Legacy
by Heather Kurzbauer
2015-5-10 02:42
0 replies

[Video] How To Play in the Second Position on the Violin
by Zlata Brouwer
2015-5-7 01:41
0 replies

Iyer - Symphony No. 2
by Joshua Iyer
2015-5-3 13:47
0 replies

A Musical Weekend
by Karen Allendoerfer
2015-5-2 07:36
0 replies

How to Play Semitones in Tune
by Zlata Brouwer
2015-5-1 02:11
0 replies

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