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Cesar AViles

The Secret to Stay Motivated

February 14, 2012 at 3:56 PM

Do you have any idea how many hours you have practiced since you started?

A lot!

How many disappointments and achievements?

You have been through so much! and now you are feeling tired.

Too much music and not so much energy.

After all that, you are a hero – you deserve to rest.

Know that you are where you are not by accident but more like that’s the way you wanted things to end up happening. Maybe unconsciously of perhaps with a conscious mind- there is certainly a secret behind all that success.

There is at least one thing that keeps you going!

There are several factors here, don’t get me wrong- but only one ingredient is completely necessary to acknowledge your potential and what you have accomplished to this day!

It is called passion.

Without it we have no goals or ambitions- no desire to make it in music or love for the art. We are musicians because we have passion for music, but not the same kind of passion my grandmother has for her oldies- is a lot more deep than that.

When you are passionate about something, you do it more effectively, you earn so much from it- personally and professionally

When I started the Tchaikovsky violin concerto I was so excited that practicing for hours was really easy. Passion for what I do and for what I was waiting for so long kept me going for months. I took my technique books and work hard thinking that at some point during the day I was going to apply that on my concerto.

So, what’s the secret here and how do you take advantage of it?

Stay motivated! How?

* Watch you favorite soloist on YouTube

* Listen to various recordings and compare them

* What to do when you don’t feel like practicing: Click here

* Go to concerts

* Recognize your work, treat yourself when you achieve something

* Subscribe to Classical Music blogs and news. HERE

* Talk about it with friends

* Just open your case, sometimes it’s all it takes to keep going for hours

The most important thing is that you stay inspired. Music is your life, remember how you feel when you are in the middle of an incredible orchestra, or when you play as a soloist or perhaps when you play with your string quartet… It’s the magic of how you feel afterwards!

My last advice would be DON’T FORGET WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO LOVE MUSIC but if you do, find it back.

Happy Practicing

Cesar Aviles



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