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Cesar AViles

50 Ways to Level up as a Violinist

September 17, 2014 02:19

1. Read about harmonic intonation and melodic intonation.

2. Schedule a mock up audition with friends or colleagues.

3. Experiment with different rosins.

4. Subscribe to Tips for Classical Musicians.

5. At least once, buy the most expensive E string you can find and feel the pleasure!

6. Experiment with different shoulder rests.

7. Bring a bottle of water to every practice session.

8. Use a mirror to correct posture.

9. Play the first page of Don Juan first thing in the morning without warming up—for a month!

10. Listen to William Preucil’s excerpts.

11. Visit http://www.violinexcerpts.com/ and use Michael’s advice.

12. Subscribe to http://classicalist.org/ and https://www.musicalchairs.info/violin/jobs

13. Record solo violin pieces and upload them to your website.

14. Subscribe to the Strad and/or Strings Magazine.

15. Watch the master classes of Jascha Heifetz on YouTube.

16. Follow international violin competitions with 21th century online streaming!

17. Always carry an extra E string (or a complete set) in your case.

18. Believe in the Muse!

19. Play your Mozart’s concerto with midi accompaniment.

20. Listen to Leonidas Kavakos play Paganini’s 24 caprices!

21. Read Principle of Violin Playing and Teaching by Galamian.

22. Read Audition Success and Performance Success by Don Greene

23. Listen to you colleagues while performing chamber music and orchestra. Really listen.

24. Have more than 3 pencils inside your case.

25. Get the magnetic mute!

26. Strengthen your second and fourth positions.

27. Learn the basics of improvisation and jazz.

28. Have an excerpts folder and collect them all!

29. Try to write your own cadenzas.

30. Take an Alexander technique class.

31. Play excerpts for conductors.

32. Be open-minded. Dig into contemporary music.

33. Study all the Kreutzer etudes.

34. Help and inspire student composers write violinistic music.

35. Don’t hate the concertmaster; kindly agree or disagree. Work as a team.

36. Turn pages on time in orchestra.

37. Get a pencil holder and turn pages easily.

38. When in doubt, follow your leader.

39. Go at least once a year to a luthier and check on your baby.

40. Stay up to date by reading violinist.com

41. Guys, black jackets for orchestra, not blue!

42. Daily Carl Flesch.

43. Work on the control of your bow.

44. Practice chords.

45. Practice your melodies with different characters.

46. Use humidifiers.

47. Watch your right elbow.

48. Take Perlman’s advice on vibrato.

49. Basics by Simon Fisher is not just some book, get a hold of your copy.

50. Realize how privileged you are to be playing the violin. It’s more than an honor. Live it!

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