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Mendy Smith

Summer Camp Preparation - Adult Version

August 1, 2014 18:39

1) One year before: reserve favorite room/cabin.

2) 11 mo before: Submit vacation request and make flight reservations.

3) 10-8 mo before: work in planned camp music into private lessons with teacher.

4) 7 mo before: get local friends to "rehearse" planned camp music. Make house/pet-sitting arrangements.

5) 6-3 mo before: start contacting other participants to schedule "off" events. Continue "at-home" rehearsals.

6) 2 mo before: Start practicing camp music in earnest.

7) 1 mo before: frantically make arrangements for transportation to/from airport. Send notices to colleagues/clients of pending vacation.

8) 2 weeks before: final phase of practice for camp music. Get camp schedule penciled/penned in. Pick though sheet music to bring to camp.

9) 1 week before: frantic house-cleaning and yard work. Meetings with house/pet-sitters. Generate "packing list" for items to bring.

10) 2 days before: pack and re-pack. Double check flights and ground transportation. Set out-of-office notice.

11) 1 Day before: wake up 5 hours before early am flight. Re-check packed luggage and supplies. Get to airport 3 hours early. Find bar at airport. Fly in, unpack everything and crash. Turn off phone.

12) Camp Day 1: Wake up at 5am as usual and wait outside cafeteria until open to get the desperately needed cup of coffee with fellow campers. Catch up on a year's of gossip and news. Schedule pre-camp readings. Breath. Make music.

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