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Bram Heemskerk

Lindsey Stirling + Taylor Davis, most popular YT-violinists

November 5, 2014 16:52

Quite well known in the violin world is Andre Rieu. On Andre's Youtubechannel are 193.00 subscribers, 72 million viewers and 171 videos.
The subcribers of my violin concerto Youtubechannel are also often subcribers of Taylor Davis and Lindsey Stirling I discovered.
I have never heard of these girls, so I looked to their channels, but Taylor Davis has the same number of viewers on her Youtube channel like Andre Rieu 73 million, 1 million more although she has only 116 video's, so 55 less videos than Andre Rieu. She has much more subscribers : 590.000 , 3 times as much as Andre Rieu. Every video has between 100.000-2 million views.
Her style is sometimes a bit Irish and she plays only with a synthesizer popular songs and themes from movies or video games. Here an example of a video of her:

But the views and subscribers of the Youtubechannel of Lindsey Stirling are unreal. 5,6 million subscribers and she has been viewed 796 million times. She has only 62 videos with anaverage of 2-10 million views.
It is also an Irish like style, perhaps more popmusic, but she can also dance and sing and plays also electric violin.
Here an example (18 million views):

These women deserve an interview for violinist.com . Here the wiki of Taylor Davis and the wiki of Lindsey Stirling.

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Hindemith violin concerto

November 4, 2014 07:52

Here the violin concerto (1939) of
Paul Hindemith (1895-1963)
Movement 1 : Mässig bewegte Halbe
Movement 2 : Langsam
Movement 3 : Lebhaft:

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