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Bram Heemskerk

Erkki Melartin violin concerto op.60 live

March 30, 2015 13:41

Earlier in Januari
I wrote that I would play the violin concerto as 2nd violin of the unknown Finnish composer Erkki Melartin. I made a recording with my SD camara, but the father of the soloist Tessel Hersbach had a much better HD camera. I was ok to put it on Youtube, so here the result:

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At World's End Suite from Pirates of the Caribbean 3, 2th violin score

March 23, 2015 03:04

With our movie- and musical orchestra Timbres Divers
,(which means Different Styles) a classical orchestra with 4 saxophones and a drummer we played in Breda in the Chassé theater At World's End Suite from Pirates of the Carribean 3 (with moviestar Johnny Depp) from moviecomposer Hans Zimmer. Of course, as usual, I made a video of the 2th violin score:

Pirates movement2 live
Pirates movement3 live

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Copy of the 'Chanot-Chardon’ Stradivarius

March 15, 2015 16:35

An amateurluthier (and amateurviolinist I know from an amateurorchestra) has made a copy of the 'Chanot-Chardon’ Stradivarius, the cornerless Stradivarius. Joshua Bell had played on it and Simone Lamsma although now she plays on another "normal" violin.
Because Simone did not react on an email about the hips and other forms of the violin he had made a print of a photo on internet for the sizes of the hips, the middle and the breast of the violin for his copy, as you can see here below. On a tv-station he tells about his violins and you can see the Stadivarius-copy from 55 seconds-1.16 minutes.
Here another luthier who makes cornerless violins Tim Philips
I saw on Violinist.com discussions cornerless violins

Here pictures of the 'Chanot-Chardon’ Stradivarius


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Ernst von Dohnányi D minor Violin Concerto Op.27 No.1 - 1st movement

March 3, 2015 17:23

Here the 1st movement of the relative unknown 1st violin concerto of Dohnanyi. I am very eager to hear this piece once in a concerthall, but although it is a good piece it is seldom played so no big chance I will ever hear it. The Hungarian violinist Vilmos Szabadi has recorded both violin concerto's of Dohnanyi, all 4 violin concerto's of Jeno Hubay and the 2 violin concerto's of Leo Weiner for the first time as world premiere recordings. For that reason I think he deserve an interview here once on this site (I hope).

Here those 3 cd's boxes of world premiere recordings of Vilmos Szabdi of Hungarian heritage, which must become more popular oustide Hungary in my opinion.

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