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Heather Broadbent

11 Quick Tips to Playing in Tune in Higher Positions

September 23, 2014 06:13

  • Practice without vibrato and when adding vibrato use Narrow Vibrato

  • Play an Octave Lower to get the pitches in your ear and then play an octave higher.

  • Hold Fingers Down at all times and know your finger relationships

  • Know Your Positions

    • Know your pitches, Laser focus on pitch - ¬†Listen and feel how it affects your ear

    • Know where you are shifting from and¬†where you are shifting to

    • Know the fingerboard as a grid

    • Compare to open strings, constantly play an open sting for a drone

    • Don't jump to the new position - stay in contact with the fingerboard

    • Practice etudes specifically in higher positions

    • Practice Scales going across the instrument not only up the instrument

    Have fun practicing your higher positions!

    Love and Light

    Heather Broadbent

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