Pi Day 2016

March 14, 2016, 7:52 AM · Pi Day 2016 and Albert Einstein's birthday!

This is a link to A Piece of Pi at www.stevenrochen.com

A Piece of Pi - a piece for solo violin or viola - a cello version is now available.

A Piece of Pi was written for solo violin to celebrate Pi Day in 2008 to honor math teachers at Trinity School in New York City. Each member of that department was presented with a recording of the piece and an autographed copy of the sheet music.

The piece has been presented at the school several times, most recently at a Math Symposium. It has also appeared on a Doctoral recital at Peabody Conservatory. It has been part of a Pi Day celebration in Poland and in other places. Separate from Pi Day, I am pleased that it has received performances at several other venues in New York over the past few years and I have had many requests for the sheet music both nationally and internationally. The music has been recently been published by Ovation Press - check under my name, Steven Rochen, if you want a copy of the music.


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March 19, 2016 at 01:18 AM · I don't understand what he's doing. I'd expect the first 6 notes to sound like Volga Boatman morphing into Nimrod (going up an octave on note 6).

In any case, the constant most relevant to Einstein is surely c (Velocity of Light) - but, being a measured constant, it is only available to 9 significant figures, so either a passacaglia or a minimalist composition would be required.

Aditya, you did maths for a year. How about the passacaglia?

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