November 2009

Sur le fil by Yann Tiersen

November 25, 2009 20:26

Have you ever listened to the music of Yann Tiersen?  He wrote some film scores including that of Amelie.  I would really like to know what you think about his piece Sur le Fil; a viola piece.  I think this is the link but I have little luck with checking anything Youtube from Shanghai.  He usually writes for piano, violin and accordion.  I really like this.  One of my students is performing the piano piece, the Waltz from Amelie, in our upcoming concert, such a pretty, thoughtful piece.  Yann writes from the heart and stirs up lots of feeling. 

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Hi from Shanghai

November 5, 2009 00:58


A few random blog bites from Shanghai:
One student decided to call me Mrs. Broccoli so she could remember my name. I really don’t mind if it helps her remember. Humor is good!  Western teachers have just as much trouble remembering Korean names. I’m also frequently called ‘mister’ by mistake, which I also laugh at and ask if I really look like a mister! Maybe the best nickname of all came from a boy who couldn't speak a word of English yet, who called me "Ba-ba-ke-ke-li" which was great!
I feel lucky to teach the international language of music. 
Outside of work I’ve been playing the Schumann Sonata in d minor for Piano and Violin with a friend who is in residence until late December. 


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