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Hit the repeat on the head

April 28, 2008 at 8:55 PM

So Drew has hit the nail on the head, hit the nail on the head, hit the nail on the head...... I've often thought that the Suzuki method is based more on repeat hits rather than on mother tongue.How many peanut sanwiches are consumed before the first Twinkle variation has been digested.Many years ago I read a series of articles about brain patterning which was a technique used to enhance the capabilties of brain damaged children.These experiments were being carried out in an institute in Philadelphia.Patients were treated around the clock by a squad of volunteers.The idea was to repeat movements in order to reprogram the brain ,so for example a leg would be straightened and bent continuously for some period of time and then another limb would be given the same treatment.Older people are now being encouraged to attend gymnastic classes where again repeat movements are on the agenda.It seems by repeating movements we are also expanding our brains , hence brain damaged people can regain control of their lives and the aged can stay younger and more alert.Whatever form repetion takes whether in the excercises that Drew has mentioned or in dear old Sevcik (endless repetetive fun for all) or in scales ,or in sections of scales or in a bar of repetoire that we must endlessly repeat in order to perfect we all increase our brain capacity and thus become more intelligent???? durr....
From howard vandersluis
Posted on April 29, 2008 at 6:27 PM
Oh so THAT's why I keep banging my head against various walls... the repetition enhances my brain function quicker than brain cells are killed by the concussion.

Seriously though- I've been watching my 18 month old daughter learning new words and repeating them over and over to herself, in various patterns like, "hi daddy, hi the daddy, daddy HI!, hi daddy, daddy, daddy..." or, "I want milk, give me milk, I want the milk, milk, milk". Fascinating.

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