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james holmes

Celebrate Classical Music

August 6, 2012 at 2:26 PM

Music in general speaks to me. It always has. But Classical has a place in my heart that transcends deep within and seems to awaken my senses. My favorite style is the Baroque era.
Baroque music always gets me on the edge of my seat poised to spring into high energy or explode with emotions I am struggling to contain. It inspires me in ways that I never noticed in my daily life and helps ease the burden of stress which seems to plague many of us.
While athletes have their gift of athleticism and endurance, in which I envy making their sport look so easy and fluid. But even so-it does not deter my aspirations in aiming for that level of play. This feeling is mutual when I see gifted and talented musicians.
Yes, I could be just a listener or bystander and be satisfied with that. But no! My insecurity and passions challenges me and I have accepted. So my journey begins as a player joining others who may share the same affinity of this instrument that is so refined and elegant.
I realize that I will never be in the same caliber as the professionals, but that is the challenge, the “Holy Grail” that keeps me going. All my efforts, labor, love, dedication, determination, and all the passion that fuels it-- though daunting still produces rewards that I can be proud of. This gives me a sense of calmness and confidence that I desire.
Classical music gives the best and strongest foundation to musicians in general (in my opinion). I have only seen good things come from students who have this background. Do you need it—no, but why wouldn’t you, since it will only catapult your talents and knowledge that much further. It is always nice to be able to fall back on this foundation since generes come and go. Classical is and always will be steadfast even in the modern times and beyond.
Thank you for letting me express myself.

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