Simon Streuff

Holidays Are Over, Time To Make A Video In D-Minor

September 3, 2015 13:48

My summer holidays turn to an end. And somehow panic grows inside of me considering the fact, that I will not have as much time to practice violin for the next six weeks as in the holiday-time.
Also I will not have time to make videos, wich is some kind of a hobby for me. I like it to have something in ones hand after all those practice we all go through. I want to share it with my friends and other people who are interested in this kind of music. After all we are all here to share something with each other. And as a musician it is often blown away in a moment, if you don't record it and put some time into it.
Therefore I went to my music school (in my holidays) and discovered an empty room, with acoustics that I found would suit to Bach solo, the Sarabanda from the d-minor Partita, wich I like very much and played in my twenties alot.
It is a calm piece and I think it doesn't need any kind of special effects, but the sun through the windows didn't care and gave me some beautiful pictures I didn't expect.
So after all I say goodbye to my holidays and my ambitions to make movies in my sparetime... with a video of the Sarabanda.
I hope you like the piece and I am curious what you think about the video itself. I wish you all a great autumn and see you in the forums or at the comment section of youtube!

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