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Simon Streuff

Chaconne played in old german factory

August 9, 2015 23:37

In April I went out with a friend with a camera and my violin to make a video of me playing. We had no plans on what it would be, only that we will try to get into an old factory in my city. We managed to do that and as we were inside, we heard, that the acoustics are very nice in some halls and we decided to record something. My friend asked me, what I could play and unfortunately or fortunately there was only the Ciaccona by J.S. Bach coming to my head. A smaller piece would have been much easier to record, but we tried anyways. We recorded about 3 hours straight while the wind was blowing and trains drove by. Also some civilians came by asking, what music I play there.

In the end I had about 4 or 5 whole takes and lots of video material, which wasn't synced with the audio yet. That was the reason why it took me until my summer holidays, that I found the time and nerves to wrestle with a video editing program and get the pictures on the audio.

As I am now finally finished with everything, I can say, that I really enjoy the style of the video in contrast to the music. I think it reflects my personality as well. I am more serious about music, than I may look from the outside sometimes. I hope you enjoy the recording as well as the pictures. Sometimes there are some focussing issues and automated light adjustments, which are not professional. But for the moment I am happy to have this video to share with you. Tell me what you think about it! And thanks for watching!


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