Double Stops-Double the Fun

February 20, 2018, 7:31 AM · Double stops represent, for many violinists and violists, one of those truly special sounds that are unique to stringed instruments. When played well, double stops are rich with emotional power and harmonic intensity. The term double stops even triggers a sense of the spine-tingling grandeur associated with a pipe-organ's rich cluster of sounds.

Learning to play beautiful double stops marks an inspirational point in any violinist's or violist's learning journey.

Double stops offer some real challenges but learning these new skills will benefit all areas of your playing including:
" Increasing tonal richness and subtlety
" Improving intonation
" Enhancing bow control on single notes as well as double stops

Double-stops require highly developed bow control, beginning with the ability to control which strings you touch with the bow. You'll also learn how to use your bow to emphasize changes of harmony or highlight the melody by using subtle weight changes.

Double-stops are a great way to build a good left-hand shape that allows all the fingers to function freely and independently. You'll learn how the angle of the finger stopping the string and the area of the finger pad used affects your intonation and tone.

Double-stops are an essential part of being a well-rounded violinist or violist. And you too can learn to play beautiful double-stops effortlessly. The Pro-Am Strings free webinar on double-stops technique will give you some great techniques and tools for playing exquisite double-stops every time.

Pro-Am Strings' free live online class is open to all violin and viola students, young and old, intermediate or advanced. Henriette de Vrijer, your online violin/viola teacher, will share some special techniques to help you take your double-stop technique to a whole new level. You'll enjoy the wonderful support of the friendly and supportive online violin/viola community too.
Sign up today for the free online class or register for an online consultation. You'll soon have all the tools you need at your fingertips to impress your friends, family and fellow musicians with a silky smooth, elegant double-stop technique.

This post was written by Stylus writer, a former professional violinist/ violist who has taken his gift for phrasing and tone into the world of words. You can learn more about his work at

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