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Reasons I'm Grateful for my Violin

December 16, 2012 at 5:45 PM

I've loved classical music since I was very young - particularly Baroque music, which I believe is the holy grail of ALL music. I was bought a piano for my 10th birthday, but I never took serious lessons, worrying that they'd make it seem more like 'homework'. That is something I seriously regret now.

When I was about 12 or 13, I began taking music seriously. I taught myself a good deal of music theory, and began to develop a particular obsession for the violin. Sadly, it took me another year or so to finally ask for lessons.

I found a wonderful teacher this May, and shortly afterward purchased my own violin. I had the summer holiday approaching. I made it my mission to get up with my mum at 8, get my chores done for ten after a hurried breakfast, and practice until she got back at 5 with breaks for food. I know over-practicting can be bad - I've listened to my teacher, and to the wise people on this site - but I progressed well enough.

Funnily enough, I love practicing. Maybe that's because I'm a beginner, so everything I do is pretty much practicing and improving.

At one point I became very disheartened when I began to be more aware of child prodigies, and professionals who started at 3 and 4 years old. I've gotten away from this now - I'm sure there are plentiful people on here who'll tell me 15 is still young!

I've been playing for about seven or eight months now,and shortly I'll be taking my Grade 3 exam. I have done the typical beginner thing where you look at Bach's Partitas (although I can play the Allemande of No. 2), but don't worry! I diligently handle my etudes.

This year, I was diagnosed with psychosis, although I've had 'problems' since around 11 or 12 years old. The violin has given me a passion, and something to work towards and achieve. For that, I'm insanely grateful, and I'd probably be in an even darker place if not for Sir Roderick (my violin).

In short, I love my violin. Tell me why you're grateful for your own, and thank you for reading. Enjoy yourselves, and take care.

Some Reasons I'm Grateful:

1. It has given me something to work towards
2. I have a renewed passion, and can eventually play the music I've loved since earlier childhood
3. Through my violin, I've met lots of wonderful people
4. I went to my first concert
5. The violin is a beautiful thing, and I feel blessed to own one
6. Granted, a lot of the time when things are particularly awful, I don't play. But sometimes I'll curl up (figuratively) with Sir Roderick, and I feel less lonely and safer.

For all of these reasons, I'm eternally grateful.

Merry Christmas!


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