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Sponsorship on Violinist.com

Looking to connect with violinists, students, and fans around the world? Violinist.com reaches an average of 200,000 readers each month, providing businesses, schools and organizations with a valuable opportunity to connect with the violin community.

We offer two types of sponsorship opportunities on Violinist.com -- a business directory and banner advertising. In addition, all of our current sponsors are provided with text links to their websites that appear under the "Sponsors" list on the right side of all Violinist.com pages except for on the Business Directory page itself.

Business Directory

The Violinist.com Business Directory features retailers, luthiers, schools and other organizations that market to the violin community.

A listing in the directory includes:

  • Your business, school or product name,
  • A 160-pixels-wide by 120-pixels-tall logo or photo,
  • Your street address and phone number, if applicable, for reader inquiries,
  • A 60-word description of your business, product or school, telling Violinist.com readers why they should select you,
  • A link to your website and to your preferred email address for reader inquiries.

Pricing: Directory listings are sold on an annual basis for $600, for a 12-month listing. In addition, directory advertisers will receive a text link to their website in the right-side navigation column on all pages of Violinist.com for that year, at no additional charge. (That's more than six million page impressions over the course of the year!)

Banner Advertising

For larger sponsors that wish to make a stronger branding immediate impression on Violinist.com readers, we offer banner ad campaigns. We offer multiple banner advertisement packages on Violinist.com, with discounts for certain multi-month orders with advance payment.

  • $1,000/mo for 200,000 ad impressions, rotated between our 160-pixels-wide by 600-pixels-tall "Wide Skyscraper" position and our 300-pixels-wide by 250-pixels-tall "Medium Rectangle" position [IAB standard sizes],
  • $750/mo for 150,000 ad impressions, rotated between those positions,
  • $500/mo for 100,000 ad impressions, in either of those positions or rotated between them.

Wide Skyscrapers are displayed on the left and right sides of all Violinist.com pages (except for the Business Directory and certain blog pages) and the Medium Rectangle is displayed in the center content column of most Violinist.com pages. We accept ad creatives in .JPG, and static or animated .GIF formats. Ad creatives files must not exceed 250 KB.

For sponsors who reserve a reserve a 12-month placement and pay in advance, we offer two months free (12 for the price of 10), as well as a complimentary 12-month listing in our Business Directory.


We welcome our sponsors' participation in all areas of the Violinist.com community, to help them activate their sponsorship within the community. We have prepared articles on How to find new customers for your violin-related business and How to get publicity on Violinist.com to help guide our sponsors and potential sponsors learn how best to engage the community in a responsible, respectful and productive way.

On Violinist.com, we do not want direct commercial solicitations in our blogs or discussion board. Please use your participation in those forums to demonstrate your expertise in and passion for the violin, and to build positive connections with others in the Violinist.com community. Let your ads on Violinist.com "ask for the sale."

How to Order

We ask that our sponsors pay in advance of the beginning of their ad placement. We offer monthly billing for on-going, non-discounted placements. Prices will be guaranteed for the length of the contract, to a maximum of 12 months.

Business directory placements are billed annually and must also be paid in advance. Advertisers must provide their own creative, which is subject to approval by Violinist.com before placement.

Please be advised that Violinist.com will not accept advertising for products or services that are not legal in the United States of America. Nor will we accept advertising from potential sponsors that we feel reflect poorly upon or disparage violinists or the Violinist.com community. Nor will we not accept advertising on behalf of artists or organizations listed on the American Federation of Musicians' International Unfair List.

To purchase one of our sponsorship packages, or to talk about how Violinist.com can help your business or organization, please contact Violinist.com's Director of Advertising:

Robert Niles
E-mail: robert@robertniles.com
Phone: +1-626-376-7787

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