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About Violinist.com

Violinist.com is a global community of violin players, teachers, students and fans. We gather here to ask and answer questions about the violin, to post daily diaries of our lives with the violin and to waste time between practice sessions.

More than 25,000 violinists have registered as members on Violinist.com, allowing them to post articles, comments and discussion board threads on the site. In addition, more than 8,000 people a day visit Violinist.com. We require visitors to register before they may post to the site, but all are welcome to lurk here anonymously if they do not wish to submit comments to the site. Check out our guidelines for writers and privacy policy for more detail.

The site is the work of Laurie Niles, of Pasadena, Calif. Laurie is a professional violinist (AFM Local 47, Los Angeles) who has played with the Pasadena, Omaha (Neb.) and the late Disney All-American and Colorado Springs Symphonies. She holds a master's degree in journalism from Indiana University, where she studied violin with Henryk Kowalski, and an undergraduate ad hoc degree from Northwestern University in violin performance and journalism. She is a Suzuki-certified teacher through book 10 and maintains a studio of a dozen students, in addition to performing and editing this site.


Violinist.com offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities to advertisers who want to reach a global audience of active, accomplished and affluent violinists. Contact Advertising Director Robert Niles via robert @ violinist.com for more information.

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Otherwise, questions and inquiries about coverage and content on the website may be addressed to Laurie Niles via e-mail.